Studio flyer with text: "new season / 1934 / dorothea lange / photographs / of people / new place / 2515 / gough street / san francisco / GRaystone 2807"

c. 1969

Small flyer or announcement for the People's Park Ball-- "Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bangor Flying Circus, Elvin Bishop Group[?], Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Santana; Lights:...


Flyer/mailer. Description: Flyer/mailer, white, blue, yellow. Female nude torso, eye.images. #40 by Wes Wilson. December 2-4 at Fillmore Auditorium. Groups; Love, Moby Grape, Lee Michaels....

Sept. 16-17, 1966

Rock music flyer. Blue and orange lettering on a white background. Photoprint of 4 men in a field - The Byrds.

Jan. 5, 1897

Flyer, "The True Question Before Congress," by Adolph Sutro, 1897, re: political battles over railroad financing.

Jan. 5, 1897

Flyer, "Pernicious Huntington Influence," re: political battles over railroad financing.

Photographs, Stephen Nolan's Nursery. Framed pictures. Nursery was located on Telegraph Road

(DC 6-94) D-E: Advertisement flyers for A. K. Kipps, Photographer and Artist, Palace Gallery,...


Flyer made of white paper, printed in black ink, titled; "Revisionists and National Guardsmen Say "No" to the War." Under the title the document lists reasons for their demands to end the war....


The flyer encourages people to participate in the Stop the Draft Week activities, specifically David Harris' refusal of induction into the army. On the revese side, the flyer is addressed to...


This is a collection of flyers, articles and other types of political ephemera collected by Pat Cody and her husband Fred when they ran Cody Books on Telegraph Avenue in the 1960s. The majority...

c. 1969

Flyer entitled "You Can Help" with a photograph of a sign in People's Park that says "Save People's Park." The text is a short history of the developments that led to the occupation of People's...

c. 1969

Two sided flyer. Front side is a type message entitled "To Our Cousins in the Guard." The text is addressed to members of the National Guard sent to Berkeley to contain the demonstrations at...


Flyer advertising a "Victory Lap Rally" on September 13, 2003 at Queen Mary Special Events Park in Long Beach, CA. Invites recall supporters to attend and mentions that pro-recall candidates and...


Rock music flyer. Black and white photoprint of The Rolling Stones. Lettering is silvered colored.


A nationally syndicated political columnist and self-proclaimed former right-winger, progressive populist; Huffington was an independant candidate during the 2003 recall election. During the...

c. 1963

The flyerurges adults to meet at the Board of Education patio, to show the students of Los Angeles, that they support their efforts against de fact segregation in LA schools. The text is in green...


Air raid orders flyer distributed by the Builiding owners and managers Association of San Francisco

c. 1920

Transferred from the collections of the Amador County Museum.

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