coit tower

Save San Francisco
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has black and white images and white and red text. Background image of the San Francisco skyline (from the North) with a large guillotine poised above. Imposed over the image is red...

San Francisco Pride 99

Multi-color poster on white paper. The top left corner has text in pink and gray that reads,"san francisco / Pride / 99 / Proud Heritage / Powerful Future." A stylized drawing of Coit tower...

Romantic Telegraph Hill
c. 1950

Small drawing depicting a view of San Francisco as seen from the top of Telegraph Hill. In the background is Coit Tower rising up tall with the Bay Bridge on the right. In the foreground are...

San Francisco Fantasy
c. 1950

Small drawing depicting an idealized view of San Francisco. In the distance is the Golden Gate Bridge with tall buildings of downtown and Coit Tower visible on the right. In the foreground are...

San Francisco: The End of Western Civilization
c. 1969

The top of the poster has a stylized drawing of a woman with long red hair, shown from the chest up. She is wearing a blue garment and has flowers in her hair and is holding a large arrangement of...


Ralph Stackpole (1995-1973), brother of photographer Peter Stackpole, was an artist active in the 1930-1940s in San Francisco. He was a contemporary and friend of Diego Rivera and Frita Khalo,...

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