1860 -1870

bonnet. Description: red, belonged to donor's great grandmother, ca. 1860 - 70 in New Mexico.


Bonnet, shaker form. Braided straw 11/7/95, IBM: Bi-colored straw; the bonnet is edged with a strip of straw braid, zig-zag shaped straw braid where crown and brim join. Inside bonnet shows...

c. 1870-1880

Bonnet, lady's braided straw. Of green & two shades of brown trimmed with shaded pink flowers &two grosgrain streamers in back. c1800. Pink ribbon stiched into back of bonnet with...

c. 1878-1888
ca. 1890

Bonnet. Small of yellow taffeta silk.


Bonnet of black brocaded silk. Worn by her (Mrs. L. P. Baker's) grandmother over 50 yrs. ago.


Bonnet, trimmed with green ribbon. Received from: Mr. Geo. W. Slocum, Holliston, Mass 10/26/95, Joan Severa: This is more a poke bonnet shape (less flared than H23.755). It dates c. 1835 (1834-...


Bonnet. Shaker form. Received from: E. M. Reed, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 11/7/95, IBM: Bonnet edged with light colored straw braid. Lined in buckram. End of proper right bavolet is missing.

circa 1850

Sheer white horsehair bonnet, no lining and no ties.  (Threads on the inside indicate that the bonnet was probably lined and maybe trimmed at another time, but that the lining and/or trim...

c. 1850 - 1860

Bonnet. Description: braided dark brown straw with black puckered satin brim lining with silk viol trim on inside; coarse weave black cotton lining on inner cap part; black satin bows and trim...


Similar to 4649.25, but crocheted.

circa 1860

Widow's weed. Material: crepe. Color: black. Description: trimmed in white worn by the mourning wife. Originally given to Concours by Mrs. DeCoto, Seaview Ave., Piedmont From the History...

c. 1830-40

Dress & Bonnet. Material: Voile; Color: Aqua. piped in white satin; Period or Date: Ca. 1850 ("ca. 1850" crossed out) c 1830-35 ibm 10-2-81. Description: 2-piece blue voile dress....


Bonnet. Description: Blue corduroy bonnet made by Taft & Pennoyer, Oakland. History: Donor's grandfather, William Edward Loy, came to California from Iowa in 1874. He lived in Suisun and...


Hat: Straw and Material Auto Bonnet. 1908

(IBM 2-93) Swirls of straw decorate each side of bonnet; under brim is trimmed with black velvet. The crown is covered with printed silk shantung...

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