Handwritten on the back in green pen, "Pipe being unloaded from Japanese ship Tamon Maru at 9th Ave. terminal." Photo shows a cargo ship [only a part of it visible in the photo] tied up to a dock...


Handwritten on the back in red pen, "Brooklyn Basin from Quinns Light House looking north." Clipping from Tribune, Oct. 15, 1976-- "Small pleasure boats by the hundreds lie berthed around...


The Tribune photo, dated August 23, 1982, has the following caption on the back: "COOLING OFF IN THE EASTBAY- Here are two ways to cool off during hot weather. One way is to relax under the trees...

c. 1960

Typed piece of paper attached to the front of the photo, "Oakland Ninth Avenue Terminal, converted for specialized use by Encinal Terminals for the handling of steel cargoes. Dotted areas...


Print/collage work on paper by mary Curtis Ratcliff. Two color images on the right are mirror images to the graphite image on the left. Image portrays docks at Lake Michigan with dogs running--...


The work depicts a boat at dock. There are two buildings in the background, the boat is in het foreground. Clouds in the sky. Several labels attached to verso side.

c. 1920
c. 1935

This is a black and white photograph of a man in a rowboat. The man stands in the bow of the boat, leaning over toward the nearby dock. The man is facing away from the camera and wears light-...

c. 1935

This is a black and white photograph of a wooden building constructed on the end of a pier above the water. A rowboat appears in the water below the house.

c. 1935

This is a black and white photograph of rope tied around a rectangular spar (a pole used to support rigging) on a wooden boat dock.

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