Stop Them!
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster printed with black ink on white paper. "Stop Them in Chicago, June 27!" is printed at top between two horizontal single line borders. The text appears in front of a gray-toned image of...

Whoever Saves A Single Life Saves The World Entire

Poster depicts a paper cut art piece of shapes within an inverted triangle shape. The very top of the poster is black. The middle of the poster is white and gray vertical stripes. Bottom of poster...

Nie Wieder Faschismus
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster is printed on white/cream paper. Poster has a black boarder. The top has black text in German that reads: "Nie wieder / Faschismus". Below this text is a black and white image of a fist...

Erinnern Fur Die Zukunft

Poster is printed on white/cream paper. Poster has a white background. The top of the poster has black text that appears to be German that reads: "Erinnen / fur / die / Zukunft." Below this text...

Stop the Nazis! Mass mobiliation, Civic Center

Poster has a black background with white text and black and white photograph. In the center is an image of prisoners behing barbed wire. Poster reads, "The Nazi's say they are going to celebrate...

untitled (Nixon Nazi)

Poster has a red rectangle in the cetner with a white circle and a black swastika. The swastika is made with the word Nixon twice. The image mimics the Nazi flag.

Draft the fuzz: they are violent & ready

Poster has a large black and white image of a man with a military like uniform. Above in red is "draft the fuzz/ they are violent & ready."

"Fuzz" was slang for police; this poster...

Achtung! Some ideas have to die.

Poster has black background and white border overall. Top edge of poster has text: "Achtung!". Below is a large photograph of a Nazi flag. Above the top left corner of the flag is the text: "Some...

Conservative My Ass! These People Are Nazis!
c. 2007

Poster has a black background with a white border overall. Poster reads from top to bottom:" John Yoo / War Criminal, / Author of Bush's Torture Memos / and UC Berkeley Law Professor / A former...


Poster is printed on white paper. The poster has of drawing of the heads of two figures in helmets and uniforms. The figure on the left is in gray and his helmet and lapel have the symbol of the...


Handwritten on back, "American Nazi Party Nazi Party National Headquarters 1738 Solano Ave Berkeley". Image is a wide shot of the house.


Handwritten on back, "Nazis surround anti-Bakke demonstrator at rally in Oakland's San Antonio Park, 16th + Foothill Aves.". The caption that ran with the picture has been pasted...

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