Handbook Selection, 1984.


NOTES: Handbook Selection, 1984. ARTIST BIRTH: 1859 ARTIST DEATH: 1939


NOTES: Conserved by J. Rieniets, 1983 ARTIST BIRTH: 1860 ARTIST DEATH: 1921

20th century

This is a mixed media doll in an animated pose made from brown hair wrapped around a fiber form. The doll has a braided tail and a long nose. Plastic beads are used for the eyes, and the doll...


White porcelain bowl decorated with cobalt blue glaze. Bowl has a small round base with rounded sides and a wide flared rim. Inside of bowl has a flower motif at bottom painted with cobalt glaze...


White porcelain tea set made of a pot (A) with lid (b), sugar bowl (c) with lid (d) and a creamer (e). All are decorated with hand drawn images in cobalt glaze. Pot is decorated with human...


Per S.B. - Slab constructed boat with figures. Made with holders for candles. Footed boat is made in three tiers; irregular polygons are decorated with peg-like holders for candles. These holders...


Ridged ceramic tile with white glaze over tan clay. The tile's composition includes a face in profile looking to the left with eight curved lines emanating from its mouth. Circular and linear...


White clay sculpture with clear glaze. There is a broken plate in the background, and a figure in front of that. The figure is cut at the torso with cobalt blue glaze around the open edge. Lips...


Square stoneware plate with metal hanger. Back is unglazed. Front is black or brown and has a figure in beige on left and red and yellow slip brush strokes to right.


Stoneware large rectangular plate with raised edges. Back of plate is unglazed. Top is glazed brown or black and has a beige figure painted in the center which is scribbled over with red slip....

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