This is the type of lantern slide which would have been used as advertising in the year silent movie theaters. The slide is glass, with a white border, bound in black, paper tape, professional...


Tribune caption on the back, Nov. 14, 1990, "Pianist Liberace could very well be the poster boy for tackiness, while the naked troll is the toy of choice." Photo is a portrait of Liberace wearing...


Handwritten on the back of the photo, "MC Spice and the Young Ladies with Knowledge, L to R Keun Collins, Alanda Turner, Renee Lesley (MC Spice), Trenise Wilson.--- correct order- Collins, Lesley...

c. 1970

Either a 14k or 18k gold hand cast ring with a cut carnelian stone. The ring has one flat side with a gold ring at the top holding a long rectangular piece of polished red carnelian. The carnelian...


A necklace that has plastic tubing attached by silver clasps to a large lucite pendant. The pendant has a clear wavy edge around a black circle that contains gold backed carved lucite. In the...


Silver metal collar in the shape of a crescent wrench. The wrench is curved to fit over the shoulders with the end being in the center of the crescent. The top side is smooth metal and the back...


Silver brooch in a shape reminiscent of a butterfly. One edge is closed and has a stamped pattern across. The other end is open with a small metal T shaped piece in the center of the opening....

c. 1935

on contemporary file (unknown hand, pencil): (10) From cardboard box of study prints / Rural Religion / California, the 30s - see also oversized print


Union case (black), quarter-plate; scroll with cutout center (Krainik #83). Ornate oval mat; purple velvet (added later) and gold paper backing of front glass...

This piece was given with 10 other jewelry items, yet is was marked on the appraisal form as possibly being a basket.


Ceramic sculpture of a figure riding an elephant. Elephant has a scarf over its head upon which is a turquoise jewel. It also has a blanket draped over its back as does the figure riding it....

April 22, 1886
October 2, 1886
Jay De Feo, in Front of "The Rose" with a Glass of Roses

a=left earring stamped "depatta" on back; b=right earring stamped "sterling" on back

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