20th century

Female figure with arms around stomach, head down against chest standing in a lunge position with arched back.

early 20th century

Bronze sculpture of a Lynx kitten.

early 20th century

Sculpture of a Lynx kitten.  Plaster cast with rubbed in color.

See A73.12

Untitled  ((Cowboy on Horse))


Standing Man Blue

Male figure in seven pieces with blue mottled surface. Figural portions are nestled in slabs that stack vertically.

Standing Woman Pale Blue

Female figure in seven pieces with blue mottled surface. Figural portions are nestled in slabs that stack vertically.

Small Fridge #5 (Black Flag)

This is a trompe l'oiel sculpture which looks identical to a small, dorm type refrigerator. On the front is a fake "Black Flag" concert sticker and the brand name on the front is...


Mixed media sculpture in three parts. All three consist of a painted brown wooden post mounted to a clear square plexi base. (A) has a blue grooved top with a blue resin pool and a block white...


Bronze sculpture of a female figure. Figure is standing on a large flat rectangular textured base with her left leg crossed over her right. Her hands are at her hips and there is a stick(?)...


Mixed media sculpture. Sculpture rests on a metal turning base that is hidden beneath the sculpture itself. It consists of a tower of mixed media that includes mirror shards, hair curlers, beads...


Sculpture in two parts. Top portion consists of a cresent moon and iron sphere attach to an I-beam. The surface is painted with geometric patterns in bright green, yellow, red, blue, and black...


Male figure shown from the waist up without arms. Sculpture cast in bronze and painted with blue, green, and white oil paint. Figure has four indentations in place of eyes.


Plaster and wood sculpture. Plaster head sculpted onto a wooden tripod attached to a square plywood base. Twine is visible near the eyes and forehead and hanging down from the front of the neck...


Large forest landscape wall sculpture made from carved wood and painted with oil and acrylic. Tall trees in bas-relief with white bark and dense green leafy canopy appear at right and left...


Mixed media sculpture of a building faヘade. The building is composed of two main parts. A tall rectangular section on the right that is positioned on the diagonal with the corner centered...


Sculpture of a semi-abstract duck formed from earthenware with low fire glaze and Luster's and china paint. The body of the duck is a smooth oblong with a short neck, head, and bill at one side...


Mixed media sculpture of a double landscape encased in clear Plexiglas. A square Plexiglas base and lid contains a black-sided cube with an orange and blue undulating top. At the center of the...


Mixed media sculpture depicts a human figure with the head of a bear. The figure stands with a metal cane topped with the skull and feathers of a bird. Another bird's skull rests on the ground...


Sculpture in three pieces. Figurative heads with painted eyes, nose, and teeth lay in a jumble on top of a dark brown base. Smaller sections are rectangular, and larger section has one pointed...

Untitled (Blue Boy, Pink Cherub, Black Eye)

Ceramic wall-hanging. Large plate with multiple figures attached including a blue boy holding a football, a pink cherub, a black eye with lashes, a hand, and other geometric forms.


This Maquette for Golden Gateway Project is a Fiberglass vessel with round base and three multi-jointed, upward spiraling arms


This assemblage sculpture uses a car radio, sunvisors, speaker, and stearing whell form a '64 Mustang and resembles a flying insect.

Man Observing, Series III

This is a large standing male figure in 14 parts. Sculpture surface has polychrome glaze.

Oakland Myths - Alameda Flea Market

Ceramic sculpture in four parts. (D) White rectangular base with composition of figures and automobiles painted in black along lower edge. (C) Two partially visible red automobiles jut out from...

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