c. 1925
c. 1925
c. 1925
c. 1925

Abstract sculpture of unglazed pale pink clay incorporates linen threads and feathers. The flat rectangular base has two parallel triangular sides. Circular shapes are suspended across the...


Polychrome glazed ceramic landscape sculpture. The sculpture is constructed around a vessel in a rough cylindrical shape with tree trunks ringing the outside of the piece. The dense canopy of...

c. 1925

Glazed ceramic sculpture in multiple parts. A ceramic base that resembles metal pipes is formed with two vertical sides that connect to a rectangular base on parallel sides and join at top in a...


Low fired ceramic sculpture consists of three curved cylindrical forms. The largest piece (A) has an almost heart-shaped flat top and three inward curving sections near the bottom. The second...


Glazed ceramic sculpture of a dog with shaggy coat and small pointed ears. (a) The dog lies with head raised and its tongue sticking slightly out of its mouth. The surface of the dog is glazed...

late 20th to early 21st century|Late 20th Century to early 21st Century

A mixed media sculpture includes a taxidermy fish with painted surface set into extruded plastic. The fish is lined with fabric on the inward facing side. A large flat ceramic sheet that is...


Ceramic sculpture of a figure riding an elephant. Elephant has a scarf over its head upon which is a turquoise jewel. It also has a blanket draped over its back as does the figure riding it....

Sandwich Platter
late 20th century

This is a ceramic depicting a large sandwich platter with several sandwiches on it


Flat black finish welded steel sculpture comprised of geometric forms (three rectangular, two triangular) and one long narrow piece.


Plaster and porcelain sculpture of a male figure draped in some type of cloth with only legs and feet visible on a small rectangular base at bottom. A white mask, complete with teeth eating a...


Mixed media sculpture of a human figure with animal components. A standing human form (a) is covered with multiple ceramic sheets with patterned surface. Only the feet and head of the figure are...


Bronze sculpture with a flat rectagular base. Piece has three cylindrical bars radiating from one corner of the base with additional projections on two of the three bars.


Sculpture consists of a (non-working) bronze molded folding chair (a) and a large empty bronze flowerpot (b). both pieces have a green and gray patina. The flower pot is formed with hole in the...


Dielectric glass and steel light box


Sculpture formed from multiple branches painted with bright colors and configured in a loose cube.


This is a sculpture which is actually a broken open and sewn together wasp nest with honeycomb inside


This is an early cast bronze sculpture by Bruce beasley that uses a combination of geometric forms.

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