Ceramic sculpture in three parts. (A) Sculpture of female figure resting against ceramic 'sticks' below a standing male figure. (B) The torso of the male figure is separate and rests on the...


Bronze sculpture composed of a torso with one rectangular wing and one leg with pointed toe on a short rectangular base. Unique cast.


Sculpture in multiple parts. Ceramic books lay open, some showing pages of text and some with covers visible. A ceramic ship with a pattern of US bills on its surface balances on two books.


Large ceramic sculpture bust of a woman with a bowler hat. Woman has an elongated face and brown hair. Her clothing is brown with a v-neck opening and is painted onto the dome shaped base. The...


Large ceramic double cross, stacked vertically. Slab-built with visible seams. Brown semi-gloss surface with tan hightlights.


Unglazed white ceramic sculpture mounted on wood under a Plexiglas vitrine. Rectangular slab of ceramic is formed with wavy surface and a large peak at center similar to a cross-section of a...


Ceramic, string and porcupine quill/hair sculpture. Sculpture has a ceramic inverted arched base that rocks. Twine is strung across the arch at the top third and again, but in a grid fashion, at...


Glazed ceramic sculpture in seven parts is composed of a large green frog that sits amongst oil puddles. Black glaze appears dripped from the frog's nostrils down its face. Six circular ceramic...

c. 1960

Granite and marble sculpture. Base is a round granite boulder to which 8 white sculpted elongated marble pieces of various lengths are attached.

The Gift of Presence

Mixed media sculpture. Six wooden doors, painted black with white line drawings, stand side by side and are covered with brightly colored found objects.


Mixed media sculpture consisting of an acrylic box frame on which are mounted three low fire clay sculptures of bones. Acrylic and bones are painted beige and bones have letters handwritten all...


Sculpture of a 'teacup.' Cup has a square base and round top with a cylindrical opening at the top center that is less than 1/2" in diameter. Extending from one side is a horizontal straight bar...


Two larger baskets (green and yellow) are sewn together and hold three smaller fish form baskets (orange/yellow, blue/green and white/orange.) 8 plastic glow in the dark worms are threaded through...

17th century

Beautiful estofado kneeling female saint (showing stigmata left forehead) 17th century, 25"H x 13 1/2"W, in the round. Located on Mission Platform.

From the History Information Station...

circa 1965

The dark wood sculpture shows a fist clenched in the black power sign, thumb folded over four fingers.

c. 1940 - 1950

Figure of a "Brownie" from Playland-at-the-Beach, San Francisco. Brownies are fictional characters created by Palmer Cox in the 1890's. They were very tiny creatures - dwarfed by flowers, using...


"David Risling, Sr., once told Brian Tripp a story about hydraulic mining in Northwest California in the area of a traditional Karuk village. He described miners blasting down the hillside in...

20th century

This is a folded paper jewelry box made with pink and maroon paper and lined with red velveteen. The box lid is hinged with string to the base, and links of a gold chain (now gone) are sewn at...

Big Peace IV

This is a large outdoor sculpture depicting a peace sign. It is painted "safety yellow"

mid 20th century to late 20th century

This is a sculpture of a turkey constructed with painted papier mache and spackle.


This is a bronze sculpture of a wicker fan back chair that rests on a square steel base with a mirrored surface.

Chinese Tower
mid 20th century to late 20th century

This is an assemblage sculpture that consists of a rectangular column on a square base that is covered with beads and found objects.

How to Chart a Coarse

This work consists of 26 items, detailed as follows: a=81x120" drawing on felt suspended by 2 leather spraps w/brass rings on a 1 1/4" wood board. Felt is intentionally torn on either...

mid 20th century to late 20th century

This is a sculpture of a turkey constructed with painted papier mache and spackle.

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