Terra Cotta/Black No. 1

Slab built terra cotta sculpture has a cylindrical form that is similar to a log. The surface is light brown with a black rectangular area covering an upward turned "branch".


This is a ceramic teapot with under and overglazes. The base is terra-cotta colored with South-American designs. The lid of the teapot forms the base for a sculpture of an ocellated turkey.


Ceramic stack with round base leading to cylindrical top. Slab-constructed with visible joins. Anagama pit fired with unglazed brown and red varied surface


Wood fired stoneware stack, slab-constructed with open and visible joins. Unglazed tan, red, and brown varied surface.


Mixed media sculpture that includes a wood table (A), wood knife with text handwritten in pencil (B), paintbrush (C), green Gillette Blue Blades box (D), black wire with a 1977 $5 dollar bill (E...


Wedge-shaped mass tilted upward by a short rectangular form. The central mass is decorated with faux metal strips and rivets. A long cylindrical form juts from the central mass. A sphere...


Representational ceramic sculpture of a bottle with liquid bubbling out of its spout. A bottle shape with a small recessed area and a horizontal cone make up the lower section and appear with a...


Made at the Los Angeles County Art Institute (formerly the Otis College of Art); Fired to cone 6; Verified by Peter Voulkos on 3/25/01 as one of the earliest "Stack" forms (from Frank Lloyd of...


Base of the sculpture is a black plexi rectangular cube with a white top. The white top is cut in the center to the contours of a translucent round form. A black textured form is visible...

Untitled (F)

White glazed sculpture of a composition of animals, a human and other objects. Large piece (A) has a flat flower in front proper right upon with small piece (B) rests. Above flower is a Koala...


This object is a soft sculpture resembling a battered cardboard box. Dyed muslin and cotton batting are assembled over a wood support to form a rectangular box with several flaps that are bound...


Glazed ceramic sculpture of a semi-abstract landscape. A dark gray rectangle with matte finish is formed from multiple sections. The surface is glazed with white dots and small ceramic three-...


Large plywood cube with found metal cut and nailed to surface. Composition appears as a patchwork of images in earth tones including houses, flowers, landscapes and abstract designs.


A large rectangular plywood support has multiple curved pieces of metal nailed to its surface with steel brads. Metal pieces have light-colored polychrome surface with both metallic and flat...


Large form constructed from multiple aluminum panels that are curved and bolted together. The surface is pained with polychrome epoxy in sections of color with splatters of pigment overtop.


Ceramic sculpture has a composition of two wheels connected by an axel that has characteristics of prickly pear cactus stems (Nopales). The wheel's spokes and interior rim are painted yellow and...


This is an orange and black organically shaped painted abstract wall sculpture.


This sculpture is constructed with found objects. Four Bentwood chairs with woven seats rest upside down on a round black Formica table. (A) The legs of the chairs are connected with curved...


Large ceramic throne. Black base with green mottled surface. Interior seat and back of throne reddish brown. Cracked surface, slab-constructed with visible seams.


Ceramic sculpture composed of a blue flat curved form with a spiral form projecting out from one side. The surface has a rough texture with the peaks lightly colored with brown near the base...

On the Way to Wales

Wooden wall hanging sculpture. Sculpture has a large square at bottom, painted with white, blue and yellow dots, with two recessed rectangles. The framed recessed rectangle is painted with black...


Mixed media wall hanging sculpture. Bottom section is a large square painting, set on the diagonal, of two dogs in a basket hanging inside a mining shaft. Text around dogs says, "CONDEMNED FOR...

Brass and copper wire flat circular sculpture. Lengths of wire are soldered and looped to form a five pointed round circular star shape in the center and then are separated at the ends to form a...

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