california studio craft

Crazy Quilt Coffeepot

Small circular - pyramidal form with short spout with ring lip. Circle handle set high up. Attached lid. Clear glass blown with multicolored cane sections to create crazy quilt pattern.

California Loop
#23 Pilchuck Series 1984-86, Summer Sun
1984 - 1986

This is a spherical undulating free-blown glass form.


This is a pendant constructed with Sterling silver and gold wire. A fine chain is looped to the ends of a horizontal crescent-shaped bar. An open wire honeycomb form hangs below the crescent...


Sterling silver bracelet cuff watch. The analog watch movement is made by the Elgin National Watch Company, and is set within an ebony trapezoid.

Amiyose III

Hanging textile made from monofilament, hand dyed black with RIT dye, using plain weave, double, quadruple and tubular weave.

mid 20th century|n.d.

Plique a Jour-Electroformed on copper foil, transparent pint interior, copper and iron exterior, surface reduction by Raku technique.

c. 1960s

Framed enamel on copper panel. Background is primarily white. Copper shows through in some areas, both oxidized and unoxidized. Abstract forms are carved into the enamel on left and right of panel...


Retangular lace piece woven from yellow surveyor's tape.

Rib Chair

This is a wood "rib chair" made in 1968. The cushion was re-made in 2003.

mid 20th century

This is a footed oval bowl with striped horizontal wood grain.

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