c. 1855

Small wood and leather encased ambrotype. The leather has tooling in a floral pattern with two brass latches at the right side. Inside cover of the case is light red velvet. On the left side is...

 (Family of Five)
c. 1855

Vigilance Committee Sharpshooters. Condition: very good. The first Vigilance Committe disbanded in 1851. But there was a continuing perception of violence in San Franicisco. The tide of unrest...


APPROXIMATE DATE: 1856 NOTES: Purchased by donor in California several years ago.

 (Isaac Wallace Baker and A Friend Playing Poker)
c. 1853

One ambrotype with case. A portrait of a man standing next to a chair in masonic costume. The man is wearing a suit, a masonic apron, a masonic sash, a star shaped badge on his right front coat...


Ambrotype. Description: dog holding newspaper in his mouth. In leatherette case with gold stamping design. ca. 1880. History: "My dog `Faust', St. Bernard. Bought when a pup for $20.00;...

c. 1858

Old Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes

c. 1856

Daguerreotype; Description: 1 Daguerreotype in case of Birdie Bell, in whose memory the Junior Republic was founded. He was the son of Dr. Snow who died as an infant.

(D. Curry, 4/23/98)...

 (Two Miners Being Outfitted For the High Sierra)
c. 1856

This tableau depicts two miners, on mules, being outfitted for their journey into the High Sierra. Another man, to the right, poses with paper and pencil in hand, as if tallying up the costs of...

c. 1855

Tintypes. Description: from Sessions family

a-i. woman

j-r. man

s. nun

t. baby

u. baby: "This is a picture of Charles when in his first year"



APPROXIMATE DATE: 1855 NOTES: Purchased by donor several years ago in California.

c. 1855

Union case (black), 4-up, sixteenth-plate size; Children Playing with Toys (Krainik #574). Case considered "rare...

c. 1854

This is a half plate ambrotype of a boy in a studio portrait posed with a toy gun. The boy (George Chestnutwood) stands facing the camera wearing a plaid tunic with long pants. The boy holds a...

c. 1863

APPROXIMATE DATE: 1865 NOTES: Eugene Thurston was member of the Board of Governors, Commonwealth Club for many years, structural engineer, S. F. Building (and private) inspector, graduate of u.C...

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