1983, 1992, 2009

Installation on table top in viewing chamber, lit with red bulbs from behind with fiber optics lights in scene, two (dog and human) skeletons hanging from sky like constellations and compact...

Prayer to the Stars
c. 1909

This is an orotone photograph on glass that shows a Native American figure standing on a mound of earth who is raising his hands upward against the backdrop of a starry sky.

a=large broach; b=small broach


Handbook selection, 1984.


White earthenware plate with clear glaze. Center has a gray image of a man's face and hands juggling food and a brush. Man is wearing a baseball cap and is licking his lips. Beneath his image...


white stoneware sculpted teapot (A) with lid (B). Pot (A) is decorated on both sides and bottom with an airplane decorated with stars and two clouds (bottom only has one cloud). It has a...

Per S.B. - Angel Candelabrum; hand built of buff stoneware; blue glaze on robe, white glaze stripe on back of robe; brown glaze on hair; brown glaze on hair. Robe is marked with circles and stars...


Glazed stoneware plate. Plate has gray and cobalt blue glaze. Design in center is a gray circle with a central blue star. To left and right of this are flames or sunbursts with a drawn dragon...

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