Dust is Too Much

Filed in Lange work print file #39Q, with the following title and inscription - in Lange's hand (pencil & red pencil): DUST BOWL / FSA Exodus / See Texas / See Oklahoma and on...


This is one of a strip of two negatives cataloged as 67.137.38196.4 and .5


This white poster has a _-inch margin around the outer edges. A large illustration inside a black border fills the page. The illustration includes the heads and faces of several women as well as a...

Keep The Traditional Ways

This is a white poster with a 1+inch margin around a large photograph that takes up most of the page. There is also a red, turquoise, and black border around the photo. The photo depicts two...

Fourth Annual Tulsa Indian Art Festival

This is a white poster with a large illustration of a Native American man, woman, and baby in t he center. The three figures are wrapped in an animal skin together and the man and woman are...

Third Annual Tulsa Indian Art Festival

This poster has a light blue background with an off-white rectangle in the center. The rectangle encloses an illustration of a woman with a feather in her hair wrapped in a white and pink blanket...

2nd Tulsa Indian Art Festival
Late 20th Early 21st Century

This is a white poster with a 1-inch white margin around an illustration of a Native American man with a buffalo shadow against a yellow and brown background. The man has long, black hair and...


In Lange's hand, on file folder (black crayon): Howard Family

Midcontinent 1)Returned from California  2.) Returned

This photograph appears on page 60 of AN AMERICAN EXODUS by Dorothea Lange and Paul Schuster Taylor, 1939. The caption on page 61 is as follows: Canadian County Oklahoma, August 1938 / Returning...

 (Ten Children)

from work print collection

 (Looking for Work)

from work print collection

 (Oklahoma Refugees)
c. 1935

from work print collection


Notes in Catalog Sheet Volume 4 read: Publications a.) AMEX '69-pg 55 CAC-pg. 41 b.) AMEX `69-pg 54 -agricultural depression, years of drought, depopulation

April, 1947

April, 1947 issue of "Children's Activities...For Home and School...Directed Play, Moulds Character." There are several pages for children to color. There's a paper doll page "This is Long Tom"...


Mounted photograph with text. Page from 78.144.20


From the American Exodus mock-up Box, Oakes Storage. Notes in Catalog Sheet Volume 4 read:


1.) AMEX '69-pg 55

CAC-pg. 41

2.) AMEX `69-pg 54



Notes in Catalog Sheet Volume 4 read: Publications AMEX-'69-pg 47 AMEX '39-pg 51 subtitle "mid-continent"; "on 40 acres of Black Jack and Post Oak, cultivating 7; $26.40 a...

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