This is a mixed media assemblage that consists of crumpled metal and plastic pieces that are attached to the center of a vertical wooden board. The surface of the metal is painted cream with...

20th century

This is a mixed media sculpture with a vertical composition of glass bottles held together with wire.

Lest We Forget, The Strength of Tears, of Those Who Toiled

This work is composed of three vintage washboards upon which historical photographs of African American female slaves have been placed. The ladder-like structure of the piece, which culminates...

April 2010

This installation includes a mosaic wall constructed with multiple pieces of Luan wood. The background of the wall is deep red and incorporates blocks of bright geometric patterns, text, and...

Spider Lady House

This is a mixed media assemblage. Pieces of cardboard, paper, and other small objects are glued across a square piece of board, with a section of floral patterned papers adhered at bottom center...


This is a Tramp Art bottle whimsy that consists of a wooden side chair with a woven seat inside a one quart Jack Daniels clear glass bottle.

20th century

This is a metallic silver painted bottle carved out of wood with a ball-in-cage design containing nine spheres.

20th century

This is a metallic silver painted bottle carved out of wood with a ball-in-cage design containing two spheres.

circa 1930

This is a Tramp Art bottle whimsy that consists of a wooden spinning wheel painted metallic gold inside a glass bottle.


This is a hanging wire sculpture that consists of two intertwined undulating forms.

#23 Pilchuck Series 1984-86, Summer Sun
1984 - 1986

This is a spherical undulating free-blown glass form.

Amiyose III

Hanging textile made from monofilament, hand dyed black with RIT dye, using plain weave, double, quadruple and tubular weave.

Walking Artist with Sketchbook

This is a ceramic sculpture of a figure composed of various Trompe l'Oeil objects. The head of the figure is made from a can of pork and beans; the arms are made from bamboo; the body is...

Pink Lady

This is a standing female figure. She is wearing yellow shorts and bra with blue stars and has a monkey in her right arm. Her body is pink, her nails red and she is wearing white thongs or flip-...


This is a large sculpture made from polyethylene and resin in the form of a translucent green square with deckled edges. Faint horizontal lines appear at intervals across the front of the object...


This is a mixed media glazed porcelain sculpture. A multicolored vase with a small plaque that says, "2002" forms the lower half of the work. Pieces of faux wood are attached to the top rim of...


This is an abstract, multi colored steel sculpture which resembles a tusk on a circlular base


This is a large plaster relief sculpture that consists of a standing female figure against a vertical wall. A perpendicular ledge extends just past the figure's feet along the bottom of the wall...


This is a mixed media golf bag with 12 clubs and the gucci insignia on the outside of the bag.


This is an early cast bronze sculpture by Bruce beasley that uses a combination of geometric forms.


Painted fiberglass sculpture consists of four abstract rockets in blue, black, red, and white on a circular translucent resin base.

20th century

This is a mechanical metal sculpture that resembles an abstract clam that is fitted with a wheel on the bottom for movement. The form also features two small metal balls on rods as "eyes" and a...


This is a ceramic Trompe l'Oeil sculpture of a light brown leather bag with dark leather trim, a zipper closure, and two handles.

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