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Pledge of Allegiance|One Nation Indivisible|One Nation Indivisible, San Francisco|Pledge of Allegiance at Rafael Weill Elementary School a Few Weeks Prior to Evacuation, San Francisco
1983 Bill of Rights Day Celebration

Poster is printed on gray paper with text and images in brown. The top edge of the poster has the text: " 'We must ensure that this will never happen again to any American / just because he looks...

Daniel Inouye

This poster features an illustration of a man seen from the chest up in the lower right half of the page. Large, white text on the red stripe at the top left reads "Daniel Inouye". The man has...

Kristi Yamaguchi

This poster has a purple background and features an illustration of Kristi Yamaguchi in the lower right half of the page. She has long, black hair pulled back and a purple and white costume. She...

Cherry Blossom Festival

This poster features an image of a white female face with black hair and red lips. There is a red, yellow, and gold parasol with pink flower on it in the foreground below the face. Very large...

Cherry Blosson Festival

This poster has as white ? to 1 inch white margin around the outer edge. Inside the margin, the background color fades from dark pink to light pink from bottom to top. A blue-bordered inner...

Instruction To All Persons Of Japanese Ancestry
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster has a white border and a black background overall. Poster is printed with a large reproduction of the Western Defense Command And Fourth Army Wartime Civil control Administrations...

Civil Rights Conference

Poster is printed on white paper with text and images in black and gray. The top edge of the poster has a band of gray with a large white: "C" at left. Inside the "C" is a small square logo with a...

Untitled, (Oakland, Calif. Headlines of newspapers)

Oakes Observatory

Oakland, Calif. Headlines of newspapers in stand at 14th and Broadway presaged, on February 27, 1942, the evacuation of persons of Japanese ancestry from military...

Japanese Owned Grocery Store, Oakland

Lange Problem #159. No Contact or Catalog Sheet.


A: Front page of newspaper

B-E: Inside pages of newspaper

Newspaper. Description: Manzanar Free Press, Pictorial edition, Sept. 10, 1943, 20 pp.

From the History Information...


Posters, five. Description: Japanese Relocation, April 1, 1942, World War II. "Instructions to all persons of Japanese ancestry, living in the following area; Presidio of San Francicso.

c. 1930-1937

The exterior of this book is black leatherette. The title "Call Bureau Classification" is worn off. The first page of this book reads: "Copies of this Classification are not for sale but are...


Photograph of the newly married Peggy Takahashi (nee Chinn) and James Takahashi, cutting their wedding cake. The tall, white cake is topped with a bouquet of lily-of-the-valley. On the table is a...


Tribune captions on the back, Mar. 24, 1979- "Dave Shigematsu." Jan. 13, 1987- "Dave Shigematsu, Won 7 OAL titles." Photo is a portrait of Shigematsu probably taken at a basketball game.



Young Japanese-American woman standing outside of building next to steps smiling.

Japanese Children with Tags, Hayward, CA
May 8, 1942
Young Man at Manzanar Relocation Center
July 3, 1942
Japanese Owned Grocery Store, Oakland

Lange Problem #159. No Contact or Catalog Sheet.

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