c. 1934

Lange Problem #9. Three negatives only two accession numbers (67.137.7594 -.7595). 67.137.7595 has been changed to .7595.1 and this negative has been assigned .7595.2

International Mr. Leather
c. 1999

One poster with a white border and "International Mr. Leather" at the top and "May 27-31, 1999 / Chicago - USA" at the bottom. Image depicts a man wearing trousers with a black belt, black leather...

International Mr. Leather

One poster with a close up image of a man wearing a sunglasses, a cap, and a black leather vest with no shirt with his leather glove clad hand in a fist under his chin. Down the left side of the...

Leather Rack: Washington D.C.
c. 1985

One white poster with black print. Image depicts a lounging man wearing boots, unzipped trousers, a vest with no shirt, a cap and chewing a piece of grass. Under the image is "Leather Rack /...


A: This is the printed paper pattern used by Mary Ann Benson to create her crocheted vest (2006.60.2). The pattern, white paper, is printed on both sides in black, creating eight long pages,...


Post card show a man in the foreground wearing dark pants and a white shirt, tie and unbuttoned vest. He is standing on some grass that is borded by sidewalk and hedges behing which a woman is...


Envelope reads, "Mayor Mott." Negative shows Mayor Mott in the center with a man standing on either side of him, set of open doors behind him. All three men are wearing suits and vests.



Handwritten on the back of the photo, "'Zip It' vest and parachute pants worn with skinny leather musical motif tie- World of Pants stores." Photo shows an African American man posing in his...


Union case, scroll design; circular, screw-in cover (Krainik #766). Case considered "scarce."

c. 1935

on contemporary file (unknown hand, pencil): (10) From cardboard box of study prints / Rural Religion / California, the 30s - see also oversized print


see 74.23.67 -same young woman; - "Alice"

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