bald eagle

American Dream
c. 1981

This poster has blue margins with white stars in red corners around the outer edge of the poster. Inside is an illustration of a Bald Eagle''s head. Text at the top of the poster reads "American...

Save the Animals
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster consists of gold text on a green background and full color images. Text along the top reads "Save the Animals." The poster is split into five rectangles each with a different animal image...

We Care About Eagles

This double-sided, horizontally-oriented, blue poster has a photograph of a bald eagle filling the center of the page. The eagle has its wings spread and large, white text in the upper left...

California Indian Traditional Confederacy Survival Conference
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster consists of blue, green, and yellow print on white paper. Image depicts a bald eagle in flight with a fish in its talons with a full sun in the background. Text reads "California Indian...

American Imperialism

Poster has a black ink background that leaves a white paper border around the edges of the page. A red and yellow rectangular graphic appears at center that shows a bald eagle in flight above...

Proud to be an American!
c. 2001

Poster consists of blue, red, brown,and white print on white paper. Full page image of the flag of the United States of America in motion with a bald eagle about to land in the forefront. Text...

Truly America's finest
c. 1991

Poster consists of a full page image of an American Bald eagle holding a yellow ribbon in its talons with the text "Truly / America's Finest" on it with an American flag waving behind it. Beneath...

The Eagle's Tear

Multi-color poster has a muted tan background with an image of the New York City skyline during the September 11 attacks at bottom. The head of an eagle with a large teardrop coming from its eye...

Support Our Troops

Poster printed with blue, red, brown, yellow, and black ink on white paper. A graphic of a bald eagle in front of an American flag inside a yellow circular border fills the upper portion of the...

Pluck' em
c. 1980

Black and white poster. Majority of poster taken up with an close up image of an American Bald Eagle whose neck feathers end in the shape of nuclear weapons. In the lower right corner is an image...

Tend Your Spirit with Care

Multi-color poster on white paper contains an image of a cluster of tipis in a forest landscape with snow-covered mountains in the distance at bottom and a blue sky with white clouds at top. An...

In God We Trust

Multi-color poster on white paper contains a semi-abstract image of a man reclining in a purple landscape at sunset. The man appears at left wearing red pants, a necklace, and a headdress with...

Welcome Home Troops, Proud of Our Troops

Two-sided sign. One side contains the URLs


Card shows a partial bald eagle head, encircled in stars, on a tan background. Text gives R. Michael Mackenzie's name and contact information and the name of the organization, the Minuteman Corps...

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