Pin the Badge on the Nark
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster is printed on white paper and has a stylized color image of a man in a yellow suit with a tropical tie and glasses standing with his legs spread wide in front of a brown skyline. Between...

Keep America Green
c. 1967

This is a white poster with a very large, badge shaped photograph part of an American flag and a marijuana plant. Green text in the bottom center reads "Keep America Green".

untitled (George Washington quilt)
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster has gray background overall. The top of the poster has a color photograph of a decorative textile. The textile has a blue border with white stars. The background of the textile is red with...

Pigs in Paradise tea dance

Poster has a white background overall. Top of poster has text in pink: "Pigs in / Paradise" with a stylized drawing of an arched window, below the window is text in black: "tea dance". The center...

Join we get away with murder
Late 20th century

Poster consists of black print on white paper. Distorted image of a police officer whose star shaped badge has an image of a pig face on it. Text reads "Join / we get / away / with / murder."


Handwritten on back, "Harold Caldwell admits Lori Di Karlo who [sic] husband is Assistant General Manager of Coliseum". The image depicts Mr. Caldwell and Mrs. Di Karlo standing in a hallway, Mr....


HAndwritten on back, "Richmond, Community Policing Program : Richmond police officer Larry Lewis walks with Richmond resident Margaret Phillips, through her neighborhood." Image depicts Lewis and...


Photographs. (thirty-four) Description: Albumen photographs of Klinknerville, San Pablo at 59th and 60th Streets, Oakland, Golden Gate tract homes under construction and offered for sale. p...


A waste high, oval portrait portrait of a police officer; the photo is mounted in a black cardboard folder. The officer wears badge # 36, and the number is also on his high-crowned hat. A row of...


The Tribune photo, dated May 14, 1953, has the following caption printed on the back "Harry M. Thomas Sr. (right), president of the Piedmont Council of the Boy Scouts of America, presents badges...


The only clue to the four men in this photo is a penciled notation on the back that reads "Notarie [sic] visitors" At any rate, a group of four men are posed behind a U. S. flag held almost...


A man dressed as a policeman is wheeling a man, wearing a black felt hat and a vest, in a wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow has an iron wheel and it looks well used. The policeman is wearing a domed...


The Tribune photo, dated october 30, 1955, has the following caption attched to the back 'TOP AWARD WINNERS--These 11 lads were presented Scouting's highest award at the Oakland Area Council's...


67.137.57100.2 -.12 were Lange Problem #82


67.137.57100.2 -.12 were Lange Problem #82

End of Shift 3:30

Filed in contemporary Lange work print folder, with the following inscription: #28 Richmond Shipyards - Wartime (1943) Written on negative envelope: "Sept `43 End of Shift 3:30 Notice, how...

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