Too Many Years of Broken Promises
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on white paper with diagonal red lines. At the top is "Too Many Years Of / Broken Promises / Now We Will Be Heard!" in green and white. At the center of the poster is an...

Register to Vote
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on white paper. At the top are strips of blue and red with "Vote Nov 2" repeated inside. At the center is a stylized image of a beige shirt with a red, white and blue pin over the...

A Few Words About the Sixties
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a color photo of buttons/pins from the 1960s, taken on a white backround. At the top of the psoter is "A Few Words About The Sixties:" in black.

Celebration Of Hope: A Benefit Concert

Poster has a multicolored background of textiles with white text. The main image and background is of striped and patterned textiles that depicts flowers and two birds toward the top. Different...

Activist Reunion
Latino Theater Project presents Border Brujo
c. 1990

Poster is printed on white paper with text and images in black. The top left and right edges have borders created by undulating black lines. The top of the poster has the text: "Life On The Water...

Keep The Faith Baby
Late 20th Century

Poster is a black and white photograph of an African American baby wearing a, "Keep The Faith Baby," button and standing in a field next to a woman. At the baby's feet is a CocaCola bottle.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! All Power To The People Hallelujah!

The top edge of the poster has the text: "Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! All Power To The People Hallelujah!". Below the poster has a drawing of a laughing, African American, female figure....

Free Huey

Poster has a stylized drawing of a child standing in front of a garbage can that is overfilled with garbage. The child is wearing gray pants and a gray jacket, he is carrying a rifle on his back,...

Living the Legacy of Women's Rights

The poster is laminated overall. The background of the poster is a stylized photograph of several women in dresses. One of the women is holding a dark colored sign on which the text: "...

Her Strength is in Her Principles

The poster has a thick white border overall. The poster has a drawing of an older woman; she is holding her arms up bent at a 90 degree angle with her fists in the air. She is wearing a red and...


Mixed media sculpture. Sculpture rests on a metal turning base that is hidden beneath the sculpture itself. It consists of a tower of mixed media that includes mirror shards, hair curlers, beads...


From "Campbell, Edward, Supervisor" folder. From caption on back of photograph: "Newly elected Supervisor Edward Campbell and wife, Jessie, celebrate victory." Ed and Jessie Campbell with their...

c. 1980s

This card has a pale gray background with two rectangles outlined in white. Across the top are three black buttons, one for "Address Compare," another for "Storage Select" and the last for "Check...

c. 1980s

This card features two and a half rectangular, black buttons on a light gray background. The top button reads: "RUCK-WEISG" and the lower button reads: "KORR." The image is called: "character...

c. 1980s

This card has a metallic silver background, textured by many small knobs or teeth sticking up. In the center is a gold colored button that reads: "466 108 6622" The image is called: "...

c. 1980s

The image on this card is a rectangular, red "interrupt button" on a gray background with three smaller black buttons (system, manual, wait).

c. 1980s

This card has large cream colored buttons (whole, or portions of 6 of these) with letters and numbers stamped on them. The rest of the image is brown with a series of metallic silver dots. The...

c. 1980s

This card has a gray background,black lines along the two longer edges, and one going across, with a red button that reads: "Emergency Pull." (This is called the Power Disconnect button.)


The caption that ran with the photo has been pasted to the back: "Howard Jarvis, 75, Champions Tax Change : Property tax should not finance non-property programs". Image is a portrait...


Handwritten on back: "City Hall - Petaluma Centennial L-R Mrs [sic] Edward Fratini Peter M. Tripp - vice Mayor [sic] Albert Bahnsen Judge- Roland Webb- Petaluma Justice Court Mrs [sic]...


From front, "10-27-90 * Mayoral Roundup * At Saturday's Oakland Community organizations debate, Mayoral candidates from left, Elihu Harris and Wilson Riles Jr read prepared statements and answered...

Image depicts Riles and Harris at a table with microphones on it.

From back, "Wilson Riles Jr. gets a huge [sic] from father Wilson Riles Sr. at campaign headquarters in Oakland" Image depicts Riles Jr. and Sr. embracing, supporters nearby.

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