Handwritten on front, "Billy Hunter, running for Ron Dellums congressional seat, at Scott's Restaurant, Jack London Sq. w/Hammer". Image depicts Hunter speaking at a mic and Hammer at his left, a...


Handwritten on back, "Black memorabillia [sic] is popular and in demand." Image depicts a hand holding a blackface doll and a miniature kettle with a blackface clown on it.


this is a round white button with "Take it Easy" written in red.


This quilt block was entered in the School Quilt Block Competition for students in grades K-12 in Alameda County; the deadline was March 17, 2000. This winning piece was exhibited in "Fabrications...


Small photo of woman's head and chest with neutral/serious expression taken from side. Mrs. Fong's dark hair is worn in a smooth bouffant/teasted style. She is wearing a plaid jacket and light...


Gun and Knife Memory Board with Ivory Pirate Gun and Rope Boarder

March 4, 1886

NOTES: No individual sheets on .47 to .53

April 23, 1886
December 13, 1886
September 11, 1887
January 23, 1887
October 28, 1886
May 6, 1886
September 11, 1887
June 11, 1886
March 25, 1887
April 2, 1886
October 2, 1886
June 9, 1886
Nov. 4 1886

NOTES: No individual sheets on .47 to .53 The name for sitter (on the handwritten list for Snell's Seminary that I am working from) is listed as Mollie Graitan - check the actual back of this...

October 2, 1886

NOTES: No individual sheets on .47 to .53

Dec. 15, 1886

NOTES: No individual sheets on .47 to .53

November 27, 1886

APPROXIMATE DATE: 1886 NOTES: No individual sheets on .47 to .53

Macdonald, Miscellaneous Street Items|Woman Standing in front of Richmond Cafe
ca. 1942

Filed in contemporary Lange work print folder, with the following inscription: #27 cont. The War Years Shipyards - Housing (1942-1945) see also oversized prints Handwritten on negative envelope...

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