Alma Latina

Poster has an image at the top of a pile of yellow flowers with a single orange flower on a blue background. Poster reads, "Alma Latina/ Leamington Hotel/ 19th a& Franklin/ Oakland March 19/ 9...

Ghost Rider

Poster has a neon image in the cneter with black fuzzy flocking as the accents. The bottom center has "Ghost Rider" in white lettering. The image depicts a man with blonde hair, a green shirt and...


This unbleached, plain weave cotton shopping bag is trimmed with blue bias tape. Metal grommets are at the top of the bag. Two grommets hold a matching cloth handle on either side of the top...


Red felt pennant, white white felt strip and tabs; flocked in white "S" with a tree over it, and "Stanford." Hang tag is attached, but folded back.

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