An Object Confronting Its Logical Other

This is an acrylic and water based oil painting on amate paper mounted to canvas. The composition shows a female face in black outline with her tongue sticking out and her internal organs...


This is a bronze sculpture painted with oil-based pigments that consists of a standing female figure against a vertical wall. The figure is painted light blue-green and stands near center with...


Large forest landscape wall sculpture made from carved wood and painted with oil and acrylic. Tall trees in bas-relief with white bark and dense green leafy canopy appear at right and left...


This is an oil and alkyd painting on canvas. The composition is divided vertically in half by light paint on the right, and dark paint on the left. A double row of handprints are positioned...


This is an oil and alkyd painting on canvas. Two-thirds of the canvas on the right side is painted with a red and green pattern of large X shapes, organic forms, and nested diamonds. A faux...


Oil painting, Old Garden" by William Adam.


Portrait of Jimmy Dundee and Harold Broom the original owners of the Ringside Bar


This painting is of J.B. McChesney, former principal of J.B. McChesney Middle School, which is now called Edna M. Brewer Middle School (after the following principal).


Painting. Description: Miss Poston's Female Academy by Ferdinand Richardt, dated 1875-1885. View shows academy grounds and buildings with students. History: school once stood on site of The...


Deerskin Picture w/frame. Description: White Deerskin dance picture with wood frame. pained by "Lefty" Wild Eagle 1964. Remarks: Not for Use Storage:N.W.CA., tribe unk. (Lower Klamath River...

The Illustrated History of the Universe

This is an oil painting on Masonite. The abstract composition has a light gray impasto surface with a dark gray outline of a circle that appears above center and slightly to the left. Small dots...

late 19th century to early 20th century

This is a glass bottle of Underwood's Superior Type-Writer Oil. The bottle is capped with a cork stopper that has a wand embedded in it to apply the oil.


Oil painting on paper with pastel that contains an image of a white duck skeleton centered on a dark background. The head of a Mallard duck appears over the neck bones of the skeleton, and two...


Oil and acrylic painting on canvas contains the image of a storefront. The building has a large glass window and a sign for "FAMILY / GROCERY / WAWAKI CO." hanging from the top of the building at...

c. 1915

Oil on masonite painting depicts a seaplane floating in dock with buildings, hangers and other planes in background


This painting depicts San Francisco as seen from Twin Peaks, featuring the Marin Headlands and Golden Gate Bridge.


this is a square painting on masonite depicting multiple colored flowers


Oil painting on masonite depicting a panorama of Mendocino. There is grass in the foreground, buildings in the center and, in the distance, there is water and a peninsula.


Framed still life oil painting on canvas mounted to masonite. Depicts a table top on which sits a basket of plums, two loose plums and the branch of a plum tree.

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