Lonnie Wilson


Two Black Panther men are standing in militaristic formation on the steps of the Alameda County Court House during Huey P. Newton's trial for murder. They are wearing berets and have their...


Description: A line of young men sit in front of a chain link fence blocking the access of Oakland Tribune trucks to their loading dock. Some African-Americam men are involved. Police stand in the...


From back of photograph: "Chinese Band" A female Chinese band parades through the middle of a crowd. The members of the band are dressed in traditional Chinese costumes. They appear to be part...


A man straddles the stoplight at the corner of Haste and Telegraph in Berkeley, holding a dark-colored flag while a crowd looks on below.


A young man smoking a cigarette sits atop the stoplights at the intersection of Haste Street and Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley.


A National Guard helicopter flies by the Campanile on the U.C. Berkeley campus spraying tear gas on demonstrators in Sproul Plaza. The National Guard had been ordered by Governor Ronald Reagan to...


Protesters sit down in front of the Berkeley City Hall, awaiting a speech. Some demonstrators carry effigies labelled, "Famine," "Death," "Pestilence," and "War."


Depiction: Student protestors walk in front of National Guardsmen who are forcing them down a Berkeley street and into an empty lot where they will be arrested. There are also many Berkeley...


Depiction: A pretty, well dressed blonde woman made her way past armed National Guardsmen and rushing toward one, embraced him. The soldiers wear riot gear and gas masks. Behind them is a very...


Photo shows the Oakland A's celebration parade in downtown Oakland after the A's won the World Series in 1972. A large crowd of people including a cameraman with a movie camera are crowding...


Police clear the way for employees to enter Oakland's Armed Services Induction Center.


Tribune caption reads, "Protester hauled by feet to paddy wagon. One of scores arrested in today's demonstration."


Youthful draft protesters hold signs and flags.


In front of the Oakland Armed Services Induction Center, police arrest an African American draft protester and haul him into a paddy wagon.


A man with eyeglasses and a beard that screams 1967 wears a robe and holds a cup of coffee and some unidentified pastry while other anti-draft protesters mill about nearby.


Oakland police officers hold protesters at bay in front of the Oakland Armed Services Induction Center. The police appear to be leading people into a paddy wagon. A sign hung on a building on...


Joan Baez -- draft protester, folk singer, apple eater -- sits in front of the entrance to the Armed Services Induction Center with a group of other protesters.


Joan Baez is led away from her sit-in in front of the Oakland Armed Services Induction Center by several Oakland police officers. She carries a flower in her right hand.


Police clear the street (Clay?) of protesters.


Fish-eye view of intersection of 16th and Clay Streets in downtown Oakland. Police officers have cordoned off the intersection, holding draft protesters at bay.


Protesters -- including one elderly lady -- clock the entrance to Oakland's Armed Services Induction Center.


Oakland police officers fill up a paddy wagon with arrested demonstrators.


Oakland police officers keep crowds of protesters at bay as they negotiate with a group that is blocking the entrance to the Induction Center.


Protesters including Joan Baez block the entrance to the Armed Services Induction Center on Clay Street, Oakland.

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