This is a charcoal drawing on paper of Isaac Wallace Baker in a vintage frame. The image shows a portrait bust of a man in three quarter profile facing left. The man has chin length wavy hair...


This is a drawing in charcoal, colored pencil, and graphite on paper that contains an image of a group of people river rafting. A man wearing a blue hat holds a green and yellow oar in the...


This is an etching with chalk pastel that depicts a seascape. The composition is bisected with a horizon line that separates a gray-blue sky with subtle clouds that is reflected in the water...


Charcoal on paper of a landscape by Worth Ryder.


Charcoal on paper of a landscape by Worth Ryder.

c. 1981

Portrait style drawing of a man (Gordon Cook) seated in a chair. The mans body is facing the right with his head turned towards the center. The man has on dark rimmed glasses, dark collared shirt...


Drawing of a man (Wayne Thiebaud) standing behind an easel. The man has on a button down shirt tucked into pants with a dark belt. He has on glasses. His left arm is tucked behind his back. There...

Self-Portrait with Bowling Ball
early 1970s

This is a wooden painting box used by Hung Liu. The box has three extendable legs attached to one side that fold up parallel to the box when not in use. The box opens lengthwise to show a...

late 19th century to mid 20th century

Drawing equipment: 1 bottle "Diepo" black ink (A); 1 piece white chalk (B); 1 piece black charcoal (C); 1 drawing pencil (D)


This is a charcoal and Chinese white (type of pastel) drawing of a woodland scene. Sunlight filters through leaves and a small squirrel sits on a rock.


Mainly green room with platform in foreground. Large piece of white semi-transluscent ice-like object is on platform with four ladders leading up to it's lower half.

December 1977|1947-2001

Image comprised of randomly situated architectual elements in pastel colors. Architectural pieces are white, with some shades of marron and grey, sky is blue


Black and white charcoal drawing depicting guests socializing at a garden party. Guests shown in different postures and situations. Abstract layout.

(mother holding baby)
circa 1942

Semi-abstract charcoal drawing on paper depicts a woman nursing a child. The woman appears on the left side of the composition and holding her child at right. The child is visible nursing at top...

(seated woman in profile)
circa 1942

Charcoal drawing on paper of a woman sitting in profile. The woman holds both of her hands up in front of her. Buildings are visible in the background at center right.

Digging Ditches
mid 20th century

Semi-abstract charcoal drawing on paper of five adults and one child. The figures fill the entire composition and stand together side by side. A child holds the hands of a woman just left of...

Mother, Father, Child (Evacuation)
mid 20th century

Charcoal drawing on paper of the faces of two adults and one child. Each adult face has a dark filled-in left eye and a right eye drawn with a pupil. The child appears between the two figures at...


This charcoal drawing depicts structures along the shoreline and the bay from above.

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