mission carmel


This small booklet, in addition to having illustrations of various sites in Pacific Grove, also has inofrmation about the new United States Military Camp, and information about the Southern...


White paper brochure, printed in red and black, for the "17-Mile Drive Cottage Court" which featured cottages as well as being a trailer park. The brochure suggests many activities and sites to...

June, 1952

"The Open Valve" was an industrial magazine distributed to the workers of the Nordstrom Valve Division of Rockwell Manufacturing Co., Oakland, California. Issues frequently had article about the...

c. 1955-1970

"California Raisin Originals" is a 32 page booklet from the Home Economics Department of the California Raisin Advisory Board, Fresno, CA. It's glossy cover is printed in full color. On the...

c. 1892



This print was boxed with Office of War Information prints (Spanish Americans - Sept. 1943)

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