untitled (male figure)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a black background with a stylized gray and white image of a man in glasses wearing a multicolor, patterned shirt and a beaded necklace with a bell pendant.

Proclaim Liberty

Poster printed on browned paper. At the center is a marijuana plant growing in the Liberty Bell. Over the plant is "proclaim liberty / throughout the / land, unto all the / inhabitants thereof. /...


Poster is printed on white/cream paper. The poster has a white boarder and a gray background. At the top in yellow and white text reads : "3RD Annual New / Year''s Eve / Red, Black, And White Ball...

circa 1880

An article pasted to the picture reads, "The holiday season got under way in earnest in the Eastbay [sic] following the Thanksgiving interlude. Spreading cheer outside the Emporium-Capwell's store...


2 Mission Inn, Riverside pamphlets (see note in inhouse note)

This pamphlet is titled "The Bells and Crosses of the Glenwood Mission Inn, Riverside, California." On the cover is a drawing...

c. 1940s

Heart-shaped silver colored metal bookmark. Embossed design around top half. Picture of mission bells printed at center in black. "San Gabriel Mission, Founded 1777."


wallpaper album. Description: Wallpaper album containing pencil drawings, watercolors, prints, etc., done by service men at Hospitality House in Oakland, 1941-1945. Most of the items are pencil...

20th century

This boy's hat (beanie style) of six suede leather panels--red--off white--yellow--off white--blue--off white, with a pinked band of tan leather at the bottom which is printed "...


Early twenieth century linen book for a child. The story of "Cinderella" with several full color illustrations by Mary LaFetra Russell, as well as black and white illustrations. The back cover...

c. 1980-1985

Natural colored cloth bag with small shoulder strap made of red cotton cord, knotted at the shoulder; the bag is fastened across the front with three, small metallic silver colored bells. The...

20th century

White cotton woven coverlet of a small size, made for a child's bed. It is an embossed weave that depicts the sayings and stories listed above in the "inscriptions." The edge of the counterpane...


This jacket features a metallic red "eyelash" (type) fabric front, with pre knitted white sleeves and a blue knitted back. Vertical side panels are of red corduroy printed with dogs....


Bali, Indonesia


This print was boxed with Office of War Information prints (Spanish Americans - Sept. 1943)

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