Milwaukee's 10th Annual Gay and Lesbian Film and Video Festival

Poster has a blue background with black and white text. Behind the text are five photographs; top is of a woman holding guns in each of her hands, middle row left is of a man holding a sign that...

Ellen DeGeneres: Taste This
untitled (two women nuzzling)
untitled (two women kissing)
Fliq: Your Monthly Dose of Queer Videos and Voices

Poster has a black and white photograph for a background and yellow, white, and black text. The photograph is of men wearing white shirts and caps. The poster reads, "Your Monthly Dose of Queer...

Who Does That Bitch Think She Is?!

Poster has a black and white background with black text. The image to the left is of a drag queen with Paris earrings. The poster reads, "Who Does That Bitch Think She Is?!/ An all-star gala...

Sixth Northwest Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

A diamond shaped poster. The center is printer with a green background and drawing of a frame of film with a purple and black globe and the text: "Sixth" inside it . There are six wavy lines...

Theater Rhinoceros: Harvey Fierstien's Spookhouse

Poster is in black and white with a photograph of several men with a man in drag. Poster reads, "Theatre Rhinoceros/ Harvey Fierstien's Spookhouse A new Drama/ Directed by Kris Gannon/ March 7-...

Adored: Diary of a Porn Star
c. 2003

Poster has a photographof a topless man laying on a motorcycle. Above him is "A film by Marco Filberti. Adored/ Diary of a Porn Star." The bottom of the poster has film credits in white.

Brokeback Mountain [movie poster]
c. 2005

Poster has an image from the motion picture Brokeback Mountain of the two main male characters in cowboy hats. The lower right has "Brokeback Mountain" in large white lettering. Above is a listing...

Bruce LaBruce photographs

Poster has a photograph of a young nude male with a red baseball cap on. He has several tattoos. Below the photo is "Bruse LaBruce photographs/ reception for the artist: friday september 27, 2002...

"A Leather Dream" [film]

Poster has a black background with two well-hung nude men standing in the center. One is wearing leather boots, gloves and a hat. Above the photo is "A Leather Dream" in gold. The bottom edge has...

Hip no Ties
c. 2000

Poster has a black and white photo of a woman in a blue suit. She is repeated three times, two in profile and one face on. The background is black with white text. It reads, "introducion/ hip no...

An Evening with the Naked Civil Servant: Quentin Crisp

Poster has a light gray image of the outline of the Palace of Fine Arts with a man wearing a cowboy hat and scarf in light gray. Below and above is light pink text. Poster reads, "A Benefit for...

The last of Mr. Norris
c. 2004

Poster has a light green background with an image in the center that appears to be an old book. The bookcover reads, "He was tormented with evil desire/ the last of Mr. Norris/ Complete and...

The brotherhood

Poster is laminated. The background is black with white text. At the top center is a "B" logo highlighted with blue. Poster reads, "The brotherhood/ join us at the Vault for our club night...

9th San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Background of poster is black with drawing of orange clouds. The top and bottom edges are red except a small about of purple at right. The top of the poster has the text: "9th San Francisco...

Sound Factory Saturdays
c. 2000

Poster has an upside down photograph of a nude man wearing a leather jacket. Below reads, "Sound Factory Membership Record/ Sound Factory Saturdays/ Try it/ The factory where the ordinary is...

Memorial Day Muscle

Poster has a black background with balck and white photographs of a man wearing only white underwear and two men hugging in white underwear. Poster has white text. It reads, "Dallas and the Men's...

untiled (young Uncle Sam)

Poster has a drawing of a young muscular man wearing an Uncle Sam hat and jacket that is torn in one sleeve. Verso has information for a nightclub, The Palace in New York City.

Bill Tolan! Candidate for Grand Duke of San Francisco
c. 1980

Poster has a black and white aerial photograph of the San Francisco city skyline withg the Golden Gate Bridge in front of it. The upper left corner reads, "Bill Tolan! Candidate for Grand Duke of...

it's the space age make space for pace

Poster has three black and white photographs of a man with black text around. The photos are from left to right: man with a t-shirt and baseball glove, same man behind a bar, and the same man on a...

1940s Armed Forces Day Extravaganza
c. 1984

Poster is white with red and blue text and a drawing of Uncle Sam in red and blue in the upper right. Poster reads, "1940's Armed Forces Day Parade Extravaganza/ Friday May 18 8 PM - 2 am/...

Denny for Mr. Gay San Francisco

Poster is printed on yellow paper with black text. Poster reads, "Denny for Mr. Gay San Francisco/ Vote: Dec. 11 1976 "Old Waldor" 444 Battery St., S.F.

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