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10th Annual American Indian Music Festival & Pow-Wow

Poster printed on white paper. At the top is a stylized image of a blue figure in an orange headpiece and belt and white necklace playing a slender, flute-like instrument. Musical notes emerge...

circa 1973

Poster has white unprinted edges. At the top is a color photo of a tipi set up among bushes and flowers, on an island overlooking the San Francisco skyline. At the top right is "Alcatraz...

Leonard Peltier

Poster has white unprinted edges enclosing a black background at the top and a yellow background at the bottom. At the top of the black is "Internation Day To Resist The Imprisonment Of:" in white...

The First American
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a color image that is meant to look like a painting on horizontal wood planks. At the top, the planks are left their natural brown color, while at the bottom they are red. The image...

The Circle is My Path

Poster has color ink printed on white paper. At the top and bottom are horizontal images of bracelets or textiles with wiven geometric designs, with remaining thread on the left and right sides....

The Circle is My Path

Poster has black ink printed on white paper. At the top and bottom are horizontal images of bracelets or textiles with wiven geometric designs, with remaining thread on the left and right sides....

untitled (wolf and man)

Poster has a wispy stylized image of the face of a wolf on top with a man below. The man has braids and feathers in his hair andand is wearing a dragonfly necklace. |

Four Our Future: Alaska Natives--Be Counted

Poster published by the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census to encourage Alaska Natives to answer the census. Background is black. Image is a photograph of a King Island dancer belter...

Famous Indian Posters

Poster showing four posters of famous Native Americans (Indians) that can be used as teaching aids. Posters include Red Cloud (Sioux), Osceola (Seminole), Joseph Brant (Mohawk), and John Ross (...

Amado Maurilio Pena Jr.

Poster showing a piece are art titled "La Antiqua" by Amado Maurilio Pena Jr. The image is a Native American figure howding a painted vessel on lap. Top half of image has diagonal colored linework...

Seattle Art Museum: Northwest Coast Native Art
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster for the Seattle Art Museum, showcasing its Northwest Coast Native Art collection. Poster is black with red text, and a color photograph of four Nauxalk masks. The masks are painted wood,...

Untitled (Two Native American Girls)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster showing a black and white photograph of two Native American girls wearing indigenous clothing. The poster is a photocopy on white paper. |

Untitled (Native American male)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on dark orange paper with red, black, blue, and yellow geometric designs in the background and a Native American male in black ink with single feather in his hard and object in...


Poster for KILI FM Radio with a 1991 calendar and an illustration by Donald Monteleaux of three Native Americans on horses, with a reflection below. The horse at left is yellow, the horse at...

58th Annual Indian Market

Poster for the 58th Annual Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with an illustration of three women with painted pottery on their heads and wearting colorful cloaks. The woman in the center has...

Maynard Dixon: Images of the Native American

Poster for a California Academy of Sciences exhibition titled "Maynard Dixon: Images of the Native American." Background in navy blue. Painting titled "The Wise Men" shows Native American men--...


Gallery poster of R. C. Gorman painting at the Navajo Gallery in Taos, New Mexico. |

Listen to the Drum
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster showing reproduction of a painting with a Native American male wearing a headdress with horns and feathers, holding a hexagonal drum in proper right hand and hitting the drum with a...

Southside Lance Carrier

Poster with 1.5 inch white border with reproduction of painting of several Native Americans astride horses and carrying lances. Figures have painted white faces, feathers in hair. Horse in front...

Peyote Prayer

Poster with .5 inch white border and painting of a Native American with head facing up. Two coyotes howl. A tipi is in the background with night sky. |

Draw Columbus

Silkscreened poster with illustration of Christopher Columbus with a knife in proper left hand and chaines in proper right hand, a dismemembered hand below, and his three ships at top left. Text...

Resist with Us!
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Black poster with red foil type emanating in a cylindrical below a red circle with crosshairs. |

The California Indian Conference 1991

Conference poster with white border and watercolor illustration of a Toto dancer, wearing feather clothing, with pipe in mouth and holding stick/pipe in proper right hand. Background is purple and...


Silkscreen poster with 1.5 inche white border with a game board for "Columbusters" game. Game board has maniacal looking man with sword in hand in center, with chains, Columbus''s ships, palm...

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