san francisco museum of modern art

Grace Paley & Tillie Olsen

Poster has black ink printed on white paper. At the top is "The Poetry Center Presents / Grace Paley & Tillie Olsen". At the center is a drawing of a staircase with a window at the top. Below...

Kerry James Marshall


Crossing the Frontier

Poster shows three men posing by a gigantic tree, one holding an ax, one laying in the cut out of the tree stump, and two standing on platforms supported by the tree. At the bottom of the poster...

Chicano Art Resistance and Affirmation 1965 - 1985

Poster has a black background overall. The top of the poster has a colorful design that resembles a Native American weaving pattern in orange, green, white, red, and tan, the pattern has three...

Crossing the frontier
c. 1996

Poster consists of orange, black, yellow and blue text on a dark green background. Image depicts a giant redwood tree with a section of the tree cut out in which a man is laying in with a two man...


Poster has a yellow background with several images on the left of a man singing and holding a guitar. There is also a man wearing a conical shaped hat. The bottom right has a building in red. The...

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