Bitter Creek Valley from Coal Mines near Point of Rocks
circa 1868

(62) Bitter Creek Valley from coal mines near Point of Rocks. Miners in view with train in distance. See 69.459.1905 and 69.459.1908 to complete Russel panorama. 69.459.1902 similar view."Because...

untitled (Moses Rodgers calendar)

Top of poster has an illustrated color image of an African American man holding peble shaped chucks of gold (?) in his hand showing two other African American figures. Below the image is gray text...

The Battle of Blair Mountain

Poster is printed on brown paper. Poster has two red horizontal bands. At the top is black text that reads: "The Battle of / Blair Mountain". Below the title is a block of black text that reads: "...

Support the Stearns Miners
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed with brownish-orange and dark blue ink on off-white paper. The lower three-quarters of the page contain a graphic of four figures in a landscape with trees. Two men at left stand...

Coronation 1988: Milionaires, Miners,  and Madams

Poster is printed in green and brown on white paper. Top of the poster has the text: "Coronation 1988 / Millionaires, Miners / -and- / Madams". Below is a stylized drawing of a male and female...

Mary Harris "Mother" Jones

The top of the poster has a stylized drawing of a female figure, shown from the chest up; she is wearing dark clothing, a dark hat, and round eyeglasses. The background of the drawing consists of...


Lettersheet,. Description: "The Miner's 10 Commandments" blue paper. (Info. from California Pictorial Letter sheets, 1849 - 1869. Publ. David Magee: S.F. 1967) p. 129 of Catalogue, No. 167...

Portrait of Edward Washington McIlhany

APPROXIMATE DATE: 1859 NOTES: Released for cons. to J. Rieniets sep, 1982. Retn'd sep, 1985. Great grandson of McIlhany came to photograph ptg. dec, 1974.


APPROXIMATE DATE: 1853 NOTES: Found on a slip of paper when case opened: James D. Parker, born Jan 17, 1820 in New Bedford Mass. This daguerreotype was taken for him...Dec 13, 1853. Robert Vance...

 (Two Miners with Gold Nugget Stick Pins)

In unusual, metal-trimmed case made for carrying while travelling.


print. Description: One framed print from The Illustrated News for 1853, showing a California botanist with his traveling paraphenalia and a miner from California, tinted. Dimensions: 9-1/2" x...


Beautiful spoon, with well defined relief work on handle.


Back of spoon handle is also decorated in relief. Bowl of the spoon features a scene of Stanford University in full color enamel.


Described as heavy weight.


Reference: Rainwater book, page 194. BookAmerican Spoons, pg.288-289 #686 - California, Joseph E. Straker, Jr., Attleboro, Mass - May 24, 1904 - U. S. Pat #36,928 - assigned to Watson &...

c. 1850

Picture, Forty-niner. Independent gold seeker.

From the History Information Station:

Object: Lithograph. "The Independent Gold Hunter on his Way to California." Lithographed by...

A Miner in his Cabin

Walton, Henry. A Miner at Rough and Ready, 1853; William D. Peck. Pen and ink and watercolor on paper. 11" x 13 1/4" framed 18" x 20" Title: "A Miner in his Cabin...

April, 1998

This quilt Block was the First Prize winner for Grades K-5 in the P & B Textiles/Oakland Museum of California Quilt Block Competition for students (K-12) in Alameda County, 1998. The block...

April, 1998

This quilt Block was the Grand Prize winner in the P & B Textiles/Oakland Museum of California Quilt Block Competition for students (K-12) in Alameda County, 1998. The block is titled: "A...


This quilt block was entered in the "School Quilt Block Competition, 1998, co-sponsored by P & B Textiles and the Oakland Museum of California. Students had to incorporate into their quilt...

 (Two Miners Being Outfitted For the High Sierra)
c. 1856

This tableau depicts two miners, on mules, being outfitted for their journey into the High Sierra. Another man, to the right, poses with paper and pencil in hand, as if tallying up the costs of...

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