anti-war protest

Demonstrate July 4th at the USS Coral Sea
c. June 1980

Poster consists of yellow, pink, and blue print on a black background. Half of poster consists of 6 slide shaped images; 2 snake headed figures labeled Soviet Imperialists and U.S. Imperialists in...

Stop U.S. intervention in central america and the caribbean
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster consists of purple/fuchsia print on white paper. In the center of the poster are two images of children. One is a famous image of children running in pain, a young girl naked burning from...


Photo depicts: Gas canisters are shot into a crowd gathered in a UC Berkeley square. There are journalists in the square wearing gas masks. National Guard troops stand with guns pointed toward the...


Protesters including Joan Baez block the entrance to the Armed Services Induction Center on Clay Street, Oakland.

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