Costa Rica

Poster printed on white paper. Centered at the top is "Costa Rica" with "lapas, loras / y pericos" at the left and "macaws, parrts / and parakeets" at the right, all in black. Below the text is a...

Trend Graphics

Poster has a drawing of a bright green parrot in a silver cage. Below the parrot reads, "Trend Graphics/ Silkscreen Pritners, Mountain View, California 94043."

iSan Francisco Amor!
Late 20th century

Poster printed with blue, red, yellow, and green ink on white paper. A double-line blue border frames the page. A graphic of two red parrots with yellow bellies and green beaks appears on a blue...

Ray Barretto & his orchestra
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster consist of black print on white paper. Image in the center in the shape of an art deco style yellow-orange sign with an image of a parrot on a branch in the top center of the sign. Along...

Cinco De Mayo

Main image is of a red parrot in Mayan-like armor with its wing around a Corona beer. In the background are two parrots flying around a Corona beer set on a pedestal atop a temple. Poster reads, "...

Second Annual Cinco de Mayo Festival

The top edge has text and logos printed in black, in the upper left corner: "Jazz" a row of three logos: Cassel Cibrian, Leopold's, and Superb and : "Salsa". Below poster has a border created by...

Carnaval '80
c. 1980

Poster consists of black print on white paper. Image depicts a crowd of people dancing and playing music with the San Francisco cityscape in the background and plants in the foreground. Text...


Handwritten on back, "Stuffed Parrot". Image depicts a plush parrot toy.


Mixed media painting contains a black and tan graphic of a man and a woman standing before multiple figures at center. All of the figures are dressed pre-industrial revolution European formal...

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