This is an aluminum sculpture with graphite-oil finish. The overall form of the sculpture is an oblong consisting of tightly wrapped coils. The coils wrap horizontally (with slight diagonal...


This is a mixed media sculpture that combines found objects. A white enamel bowl is tied to a white metal stool with wire. A long wire that curves near the top is attached to one side of the...

Sofa with Flowers


The Gift of Presence

Mixed media sculpture. Six wooden doors, painted black with white line drawings, stand side by side and are covered with brightly colored found objects.

Drawing a line as far as I can reach

Graphite drawing of a repeated vertical line on brown paper. The line begins at bottom center and extends approximately three-quarters up the length of the paper.

The Fallen Easel

Nine lithographs with silkscreen on paper are framed in a cluster. Five long and narrow prints with black and white images of men in uniform fit together in a rough triangular form at top....

Road Map (with Helicopter)

This painting depicts a green military helicopter flown by Jesus being touched by Alice in Wonderland and birds. "Road Map" painted in top left corner and "An object whose...


This is a sculpture that consists of a transparent smoky glass cube with metal stripping atop a clear Plexiglas rectangular base.

Love in Italian

APPROXIMATE DATE: 1967 This is a lavender-colored rectangular sculpture constructed from fiberglass covered plywood. The sculpture is orientated vertically and rests at an angle against a wall...

Flying Man with Briefcase at 2,816,949

This is a painted gatorfoam sculpture that is cut in the outline of a man wearing a suit and hat, who is holding a briefcase. The surface is painted black and the number 2816949 is written in...

Lest We Forget, The Strength of Tears, of Those Who Toiled

This work is composed of three vintage washboards upon which historical photographs of African American female slaves have been placed. The ladder-like structure of the piece, which culminates...


This is a Realist painting of a brown horse wearing a western saddle. The horse is painted in profile at center left, standing in front of a red trailer. The back door to the trailer is open...


This is an acrylic painting on canvas of two figures dancing in a child's bedroom. A girl in a pink nightie and a boy in yellow pajamas, both wearing top hats, dance in syncopation at upper...

Free State

This large oil panting on canvas has a light grey metallic surface that is painted with a subtle texture of gestural lines and variable brushstrokes.

Just a Matter of Time

Installation of a row of 15 gray cuckoo clocks with hammers and sickles hanging from their chains.


This is a triptych in gouache on Aquarelle paper that shows three variations on a family scene after the 17th century painter Diego Vel�zquez. In the "Kids Version," the children sit on an...


This is an oil painting on canvas. The entire surface is painted matte purple and the overall shape is rectangular with rounded top corners. Wooden molding frames the edge on the top and most of...

Untitled  (Red Line #56, Oct. 1969)

This is an acrylic painting on canvas that shows a minimalist composition of a narrow red "ribbon" painted on the canvas from top to bottom center against a white background. The...


This is an oil painting on canvas. Reddish brown liquid, painted at center, forms the semi-abstract word, "Eye." Brown beans appear in the area of the liquid, and a green olive with a...

c. 2007

This is an acrylic and mixed media painting on canvas that depicts a surrealist landscape. The background has a mottled and swirled texture that is painted in tones of gray, brown, and blue with...

Walking Artist with Sketchbook

This is a ceramic sculpture of a figure composed of various Trompe l'Oeil objects. The head of the figure is made from a can of pork and beans; the arms are made from bamboo; the body is...


This is an oil painting on canvas of a pink '56 Chrysler parked on the street in front of a row of California style stucco houses. "XING" is painted in yellow on the street at lower right.


This is a mixed media collage on corrugated metal that contains a hash mark drawing of male figure with a small head and a large rectangular body. The figure appears wearing a striped shirt and...


This is a mixed media collage on corrugated metal that contains a hash mark drawing of two men with small heads and large rectangular bodies. The figure on the right stands with his body facing...

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