Booties. Description: White cotton baby booties with light blue trim, one pair. Tie strings attached. Zig-zag design on white cloth. Condition: dirty. 4 1/2 x 1 3/4". More like 1890 - we...

ca. 1880

Shoes. Description: Group VIII. Woman's dress shoes, black with ribbon, rhinestone & button details. Size 3 1/2. History: See 73.132.1a-ccc. From Maynard-Jones Shoe Shop, San Francisco...


Shoes. Description: Group VIII. Infant bootie, Aqua lethaer with decorative cutout design & embroidery. History: See 73.132.1a-ccc. From Maynard-Jones Shoe Shop, San Francisco.

1795-1805 c.

Slippers. Description: pair, light blue kid with colored embroidery, tiny heels. History: Belonged to Mrs. Will Parsons of Thomaston, Maine, great grandmother of Louise Adams Easton. They were...

1860 -1870

bonnet. Description: red, belonged to donor's great grandmother, ca. 1860 - 70 in New Mexico.


1 pr. baby shoes (Alice Earl - 1890)


Brown, round, with feathers, 1888, going away hat

High boot of leather worn by Joaquin Miller. Given to the donor's father Hebert Bashford by Joaquin Miller.


Bonnet, shaker form. Braided straw 11/7/95, IBM: Bi-colored straw; the bonnet is edged with a strip of straw braid, zig-zag shaped straw braid where crown and brim join. Inside bonnet shows...

Shoes of black satin

Clogs, curious form of shoe

Shoes, green cloth uppers, high heels. Pewter buckles. Early style.

c. 1878-1888
c. 1870-1880

Bonnet, lady's braided straw. Of green & two shades of brown trimmed with shaded pink flowers &two grosgrain streamers in back. c1800. Pink ribbon stiched into back of bonnet with...

ca. 1890

Bonnet. Small of yellow taffeta silk.

March 4, 1801

Slipper of white satin, silver buckle. Worn at the inaugural ball of President Thos. Jefferson. Mar. 4, 1801


Bonnet of black brocaded silk. Worn by her (Mrs. L. P. Baker's) grandmother over 50 yrs. ago.


Bonnet, trimmed with green ribbon. Received from: Mr. Geo. W. Slocum, Holliston, Mass 10/26/95, Joan Severa: This is more a poke bonnet shape (less flared than H23.755). It dates c. 1835 (1834-...


Bonnet. Shaker form. Received from: E. M. Reed, Wellesley Hills, Mass. 11/7/95, IBM: Bonnet edged with light colored straw braid. Lined in buckram. End of proper right bavolet is missing.


This sombrero has an interior band of leather that has a manufacturer's name stamped into it. (However the band is well worn, and the manufacturer's name is still a mystery.) The crown...

shoes of blue silk. Made in Paris, France for Mrs. Latham. Worn at a costume ball in Oakland.


Boy's shoes. Description: Boy's shoes, 1 pair circa 1888 size 4D Balck leather with high button top, 5 black buttons, button holes with scalloped edges. Lined with white cloth and pink...

ca. 1870

Shoes. Description: woman's theatrical shoes, iridescent satin uppers, black leather toe and heel. Side lacing. Made by Maynard-Jones Shoes of San Francisco. History: see 73.50.1.

c. 1930

Lady's shoes pale violet, T strap. Bought at The City of Paris. Cut out design. From the History Information Station: Object: Three pairs of silk covered shoes, ca. 1920-1940. History: The...

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