circa 1935

Shoe.  Description: Mounted last; last with pointed toe; mounted on wood rectangle.  Remarks: 9512 on heel.

circa 1940

Shoe.  Description: Mounted last, "First Square Toe Last, 1940", mounted on wood rectangle.

circa 1938

Shoe.  Description: Mounted last, "Moccasin last, 1939", mounted on wood rectangle.

circa 1931

Shoe.  Description: Mounted last, "open toe last, 1931", mounted on wood rectangle.

Shoe.  Description: Mounted shoe last; wooden last mounted on wood rectangle; sterling, 9520, size 4B.

circa 1957

Shoe.  Description: Shoe last; wooden last "Style Begins in the Wood", 301R, size 4B; brown leather cap.


Shoe.  Description: Shoe last, sterling wooden last 1772, size 4B, very pointed toe re-enforced with metal; red plastic cup.


Shoe.  Description: Wooden form roughed for last;  deeply grooved blond wood.


Shoe.  Description: D-G: sheets of material textured to make the simulated stacked leather heels - cut to shape   D: 3 7/8" x 2" x 2 3/8"; E: 3 7/8" x 3 3/4...


Shoe.  Description: C: stacked heel.


Shoe.  Description: A: stacked wood heel, slightly squared; B: simulated stacked wood heel of plasic.  A: 2 1/4" x 1 5/8" x 1 5/8"; B: 4 " x 2" x 2 3/8"...

circa 1940

Shoe.  Description: One wooden shoe platform; left foot,light colored wood platform with squared heel; plastic sole and heeling material.

circa 1950

Shoe.  Description: One woman's shoe under construction; right foot; beige cloth with contrasting cuff, open toe shoe thumb tacked to sterling, size 4B wooden last; red sling back...


Shoe.  Description: One woman's shoe under construction; brown kid toe nailed to a size 4B wooden last, marked on the bottom "Property of I. Miller & Sons, Sep. 1951";...


Shoe.  Description: One woman's sandal under construction; black sole with tan and yellow staps nailed to a "4M" wooden last; right foot.  Remarks: Shows construction...

circa 1934

Shoe.  Description: Mounted last; "First modern sandal last, 1934"; mounted on wood rectangle  Condition: Good.  Remarks: 4357 on heel.


Shoes, high, lace, champagne color, French (Louis) heel. From Summer & Kaufmann Co., San Francisco. Dated 1917.

1906-1917 - these would have been worn with day dress (tailored)....

circa 1850

Sheer white horsehair bonnet, no lining and no ties.  (Threads on the inside indicate that the bonnet was probably lined and maybe trimmed at another time, but that the lining and/or trim...

circa 1928

White day cap of bands of point d'esprit machine made insertion, joined together with bands of cream-colored open work insertion.  Band across the front with puffed, bow-like decoration...

mid 19th century

White day cap trimmed with puffed bands of horizontally pleated sheer cloth.  Self bow is perched at top; separate panel in single loop down the back, appliqued with two bands of cloth...

circa 1850

Hat frame (Costume - Hats)  Description:  One small hat frame for over a chignon, black; originally decorated, now plain.

8/11/93, IBM: Black metal frame is covered with black...


nightcap.  Description:  black satin silk and net with white bows.

8/1//93,ibm:  Cap, probably for evening wear, wire frame circle, fine black "China" silk,...

circa 1850

Cap of black lace, worn about 1850.  For house use by elderly ladies.


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