collected to June, 1915

Basket bowl, flaring, coiled. Milleped design in redbud, very large.

"Mush basket for feast."(Dawson,65)[vv,6/91]

"Appears to be woven of peeled and unpeeled split redbud." (Craig...

late 19th, early 20th century

Basket bowl, rounded, coiled. Incurve top; arrow point des. above, unidentified below in redbud


"Yuki, not Maidu basket of peeled and unpeeled redbud." (...


Basket trap for catching fish. Pomo Indians.

"Made of unpeeled willow shoots. Few old traps of this type exist. This is an excellent example." (Craig Bates, 10/91)


Basket trap, open work. Pomo Indians

"Made of unpeeled creek dogwood shoots by plain twining. An excellent example of this type of little collected basket." (Craig Bates, 10/91)

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