Community struggles

Our Dreams And Realities: A Day in the Life of an Office Worker

Poster has a light gray background with red text. Across the center are two lines of images. The center line depicts a woman working in an office throughout the day. On the left is 8 AM and she is...

In Revolution One Wins, or One Dies

The poster is printed in blue and black ink on white paper. Poster has a stylized drawing of a figure in blue clothing reminiscent of a military uniform, the figure's face is hidden in shadow. The...

c. 1968

Poster has a small rectangular image in the center of a crowd of people looking up towards the sky. The people are outlined in bright pink with a dark purple background. The sky above them is pink...

Miss Liberty
c. 1965

Poster is a newspaper page mounted on cardstock. The poster has a large United States flag overall with the blue and stars field in the upper right corner. Along the left is the Statue of Liberty...

untitled (woman and baby)
20th century

Poster has a black and white image of a woman holding a baby in front of her in a blanket. The woman has short dark hair and the baby has dark hair.

This is a reproduction of a print made...

Circa 1953

Poster has a drawing of a taxi cab on driving on a road, the cab is seen from behind, the spare tire and licence plate have the text: "write / or / phone / Yellow Cab / 245 Turk St. /...

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