Recycle or Die!
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has black ink printed on white paper. At the bottom are four trash cans in a line from shortest at the left to tallest at the right. The small garbage can has paper in it; the middle two...

The Why Cheap Art? Manifesto

Poster is printed with text in black ink overall. The poster reads from top to bottom: "the Why Cheap Art? manifesto / People have been Thinking too long that / Art is a Privilege of the Museums...

EcoFest IV

Poster has a red background with red and white text. In the center is an image of steps leading up to a set of trees. Poster reads, "EcoFest IV/ A Community Celegration For The/ Sunday, April 26,...

Nitnat Triangle
c. 1990

The majority of the poster is printed with a large color photograph of a figure in a canoe on a misty body of water with a forest in the background. Overlaid across the top of this image is the...

Muir Woods National Monument

Poster has a blue border with white text. Main blue green tinged image is of a pathway through a redwood forest. Poster reads, "Muir Woods National Monument."

untitled (nicaraguan village)
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster shows a Nicaraguan village with Men, Women, and Children throughout. Poster has a white border. There are three houses depicted surrounded by trees. Upper lefthand house has a sign that...


Poster is printed on white paper, with the text and images printed in black. The poster depicts a cartoon/comis strip of a man and women who do not practice good recycling habits and therefore...


Top of poster has a green frame with a circular opening that contains a drawing of leafless white trees in a barren black and grey setting. The middle of the poster has a drawing of a dam with...

circa 1900
circa 1892
circa 1850
circa 1860

Photograph of Rosemary McIntosh, donor's mother. Rosemary is dressed in a ski outfit: trousers, jacket and cap. She is holding her skis and her ski poles on her left shoulder. A note on the...


Photograph of Rosemary McIntosh, donor's mother. "Rosemary McIntosh Coates, age 17, Skiing at Tahoe" according to the donor. Image of two women sitting in the snow with skis on and ski poles in...


Black and white glossy photograph of five Oakland Oaks baseball players: two standing in the back and three squatting in front. They are all in full uniform (grays?) and Frank Silvanic (front...


From front of photo: A 4073 5-3-34 Alameda E. Portal and Valvue House

Hillside with Oak trees, grass and two telephone poles. Hillside has been cut away and has at the bottom a large...

ca. 1876

a=compote; b=lid; There is an identical piece in the OMCA History collection, and the deYoung Museum (in S.F.) #1986.11.1a-b

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