Ron Cobb ~ artist

untitled (ecology flag)
c. 1970

Poster is printed like a flag in green. On the right and bottom are green and white horizontal stripes and in the upper left is a yellow circle with a line.Ron Cobb created an ecology symbol which...

Only You Can Prevent Ghetto Fires

The top of the poster has a stylized drawing of an African American woman with gray hair and a tan hat and coat. Shown in front of the shouldering remains of a building the woman is pointing with...

The Conspiracy Trial: Chicago, Feb. 1970
c.a. 1970

Poster has a stylized drawing of a Judge seated at the bench. The judge is a bald man with glasses. There are several item splattered on the wall behind the judge and several things flying through...

untitled (paranoia poem)

This is a pulled out page from a magazine. On the right is a cartoon drawing of Moses carrying a staff and an atom bomb under one arm. Under the image is "(c) 1969 R. Cobb all rights reserved." On...

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