pacific ocean

For the Future of the Pacific and Our World
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has black ink printed on white paper. At the top is "For The Future Of / The Pacific And Our World" with a photo of people protesting nuclear dumping on a beach. At the bottom of the poster...

Monterey Bay and its inhabitants, undersea canyons, beach parks

One rectangular poster reprinted from the November 1984 Sunset Magazine for the benefit of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Education Programs (this info printed in the lower right corner). Images of the...

Circa 1974

Poster consists of blue and black print on red paper. Image on whole poster deipicting a map of North, Central and South America, Carribbean islands (Cuba, Puerto Rico) and the Atlantic and...

National Asian Pacific American Month

Multi-color poster shows a full page image in tones of blue, yellow, and brown. A yellow sun with facial features is visible at upper left, and a blue and white geometric face appears at lower...

Watershed Guide A Companion to "Living Here"

Poster has a large stylized drawing of the San Francisco Bay area, seen from above from the west looking east. The top of the drawing has the sky with a number of orange and yellow circles and...


Map. Description: mounted; 2 maps --- "Part of the Pacific Ocean Between California and the Philippine Islands, from the Spanish Chart found on board the Galleon taken by Admiral Anson, in...


Booklet with stylized illustration of "California" scene on the cover, showing the sweep of a bay, missionesque architecture, umbrellas at a beach, people riding horseback, people sailing and...


Small publication with a pale gray cover, white pages, printed in black, advertising the community of Pacific Grove, c. 1900. Well illustrated, the booklet contains various images of local sites...


May have been taken as half of a stereo pair.


Negative may have been taken as half of a stereo pair.

c. 1880
c. 1880

Painting is of the San Francisco shores

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