Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on white paper. At the top is "For Sale: / 34,000 Sq. Feet Of Stereo" in green followed by three columns of black text describing a sereo equipment sale. At the center is a stylized...

Join Coyote
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Top of poster has a stylized grayscale image of a coyote in human clothing falling upside down. At the top is "Peace" and at the left is "You / Are / The / World". At the bottom left is a stereo...

The First Bay Hip-Hop Theater Festival Preview

The top of the poster has a drawing with a number of similar looking, highly stylized figures, there are three main figures rendered in greater contrast and accompanied by text and curving lines...

The alternative consciousness. Stereo 103.7 KGO fm

Poster has a purple background with white advertisements overall for local Berkeley businesses. The center has a red rectangle with white text and an October- December calendar with a schedule of...


Handwritten on back, "Michael Morgan conducts with (OEBS) leads Interfaith Gospel Choir" Image depicts Morgan leading the classroom in an exercise of some kind.


Image depicts Matthew Werner playing with a toy space station in his living room. From the Oakland Tribune Collection


Proof print with photograph of baseball player Frank Robinson (left) sitting in a chair at home holding the Los Angeles Times newspaper with a headline that reads, "BIG DODGER DEALS" and discusses...


This is a black and white photograph mounted on Masonite that shows a woman in a bedroom. The woman sits on a bed that is in a corner of a room, and she wears a white t-shirt with Asian...

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