ca. 1910

San Pablo Avenue at 14th Street, Oakland.

ca. 1910

Broadway at 13th street oakland.

ca. 1910

Broadway at 12th street oakland.


received from Judy Irving 10/99

received from Judy Irving 10/99

September 29 1989
California Calls You

Pamphlet. Description: "California Calls You" Issued by Union Pacific Railroad. 1917 40 pages. Text, photos, graphics and maps of California places of interest. Front and back cover...


This first day cover is postmarked "Califonria Statehood Sesquicentennial Station 1850-2000, September 9, 2000, Oakland, California 94612." The envelope is white and is printed in color with four...

ca. 1908

Postcard has inscription on front and address written on back.

(G. Weininger, 4/2002, from DeWitt Jones, Oakland Parks and Playgrounds, 1935):

City Hall Park was a triangular plaza...

ca. 1908

Postcard is blank


Paperback edition "The Trouble in Berkeley: The Complete History, in text and pictures, of the Great Student Rebellion Against the "New University." Diablo Press, April 1965, Text by Steven...


The image on the postcard was a black and white photo that was colored in. It shows men and women at Alum Rock Park in front of a gazebo and small building. One of the men has a bicycle.


Photographs. (thirty-four) Description: Albumen photographs of Klinknerville, San Pablo at 59th and 60th Streets, Oakland, Golden Gate tract homes under construction and offered for sale. bb...

c. 1900

Photographs, paper clippings. W. C. Ralson, John W. Mackay; Franklin St., in 1879. Last horse car used on Telegraph Ave.; Steam train running between Oakland & Berkeley in the seventies

c. 1935

Photograph of an airplane that has crashed into a building. Photographed from the right rear of the plane. Shows people look at the plane and the damage to the building.

c. 1935

Photograph of an airplane that has crashed into a building out in the coutryside. Image shows plane with its nose in the building an automobile, a many people, men and women.


Image shows multiple regiments in formation with civilians watching the spectal.

On the reverse of the photograph it reads- handwritten:

Gen. Miller's Reserve 51st Iowa in front...

c. 1910

Image shows an arch reading "Welcome Long Beach" thru which you can see people in Victorian dress (men in suits and bowler hats, women with hats and umbrellas) as well as a distant walkway. It...


Photograph of an airplane on the ground at Enterprise Airfield, Redding, California. Art Starbuck is the pilot. A crowd of men and boys has gathered around the plane and a Red Crown gasoline...

c. 1936

people lounging by Lake Merritt

Betsy Willcuts, May 2002

Bibliography: THE HEART OF OAKLAND, A Walking Guide to Lake Merritt by Leslie Flint, Sponsored by the Camron-Stanford House...

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