Money Back Smith's Clothing Store. People in various uniforms advertising Money Back Smith's. 1916. Money Back Smith's

(G. Weininger, 9/2002): Early city directories show Money Back Smith's...


The photograph is mounted on a borwn cardboard mat, it shows downtown San Francisco, including the Call building and a trolley car. The town looks intact, so this image is probably from before...

c. 1890

This album appears to have been put together by Hamilton Lee for his friend. He pro

c. 1905

Betsy Willcuts, July 2002

Bibliography: THE HEART OF OAKLAND, A Walking Guide to Lake Merritt by Leslie Flint, Sponsored by the Camron-Stanford House Preservation Association



Photo Prints. Description: San Francisco earthquake and fire. Temporary Camp in Hamilton Square Steiner St., between Geary and Post Streets.


Handwritten in blue pencil on the back of the photograph, "Freight being brought into Kahn's Sunday Dec. 1st.--Dec. 7, 1946." Photo shows the street corner at Telegraph and 17th St, in Oakland....


The image on the postcard shows a large crowd at the Ferry building, surrounded by burnt out rubble. The caption below it reads "Many people were anxious to get out of the smoky ruined city and...


Black and white charcoal drawing depicting guests socializing at a garden party. Guests shown in different postures and situations. Abstract layout.


The work depicts an industrial area with smokestacks in the background and people heading into the area in the foreground. There is a building on the right and clouds in the sky. Several labels...

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