mixed media

Message in a Bottle

Mixed media sculpture with moving image component. A large glass jar is filled with electronics and a small cathode ray projection screen. The jar is sealed with a round flat paned and...


This is an encaustic painting depicting 2 figures (possibly a mother and child?). The smaller female figure is sitting on the shoulders of the female figure and is holding a fork.


A = silver ring with attachment for stones


Mixed media stoneware glazed sculpture. Sculpture is shaped like an upside down urn with a flat 'bottom' and handles. Embossed scull and crossbones are surrounded by text (read right side up)...


Ceramic sculpture that looks like a leather purse. Purse is brown in color and has a rope handle that consists of a single loop that crosses the bottom, is attached to the purse by two flaps each...


Wooden cigar box covered everywhere but on bottom with beads. Box (A) top and inside are green, black, red, white, and gold. Design on top of lid has a man with a hat and tobacco leaves and says...


Mixed media wall hanging sculpture in two pieces. The wooden framed piece (A) has a ceramic center decorated with a painted board, a real dried rose, a grid of nails on a gold square and a ledge...


Gourd basket with a transfer print of a human face on rice paper laminated to its surface.


Covered basket woven from ash splints covered with a transfer print of rice paper. Basket itself is blue, top is brown, and transfers on sides are green on white.


This wooden sculpture with mixed media has a composition of a small wooden side chair that sits on a rectangular section of "ground". The chair's legs transform into roots and trail into the...


Mixed media installation piece. Consists of a silver ceramic kiln (a), a black porcelain finished power supply (b), a white ceramic cone with black rubber bottom (c), a cylinder of copper wire...

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