New Year's Day

1st Annual Black & White Ball

Poster has black and red ink printed on white paper. The background shows an illustration of a simplified tuxedo jacket and shirt, with a bow tie at the top center. At the left is "KSOL / presents...

Independent Democratic Iran

Poster printed with red ink on yellow paper. The page has an overall patterned background in pale red and yellow of an abstracted image of a crowd. The image darkens to red and yellow in a wide...

Chinese New Year
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster has a yellow border and a black background. The poster has a large, colorful, stylized drawing. The drawing is bound by bamboo in green; the drawing shows a colorful dragon in front of a...

Luna New Year Celebration

Poster shows photos of Asian individuals along the right and left sides, centered, and bottom center, all posing. Text at the top reads "AMV Productions (510) 547-1212 Sunday, February 19, 2006...

Iranian New Year

This is a horizontally-oriented poster printed on off-white paper. Purple text at the top reads "Iranian New Year" followed by black and white Arabic script to the right. Below, an image of a...

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