Poster has a stylized color cartoon image of the Disney movie character Pocahontas in a wooden canoe with a racoon and a hummingbird. In the water beneath the canoe is "Walk Disney Pictures /...

Today's San Francisco SPCA
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a white background with blue text and a cetral color image of a green, planted area with two children sitting surrounded by animals (dog, cat, racoon, squirrel, butterfly, horse) with...

Two Good Reasons
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Top of poster has two young racoons sticking their heads out of a hole in a tree. On the deep red background at the bottom of the poster is "Two Good Reasons" in white, "Not To Buy Fur" in yellow...

Stop Meramec Dam: Vote NO August 8th

Poster has a white background with black and white text. In the center is an image of a racoon on a tree branch in front of a body of water and trees. Poster reads, "Habitat destruction is no joke...

California Coastal Cleanup DAy

Poster has a large drawing of a racoon in brown grass. Poster reads, "California Coastal Cleanup Day/ Saturday September 20th 9AM-Noon."

Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Multi-color poster on white paper contains a poster for the animated motion picture, "Pocahontas." The image shows the characters John Smith, an English man with blond hair, and Pocahontas, a...

This Earth Is Precious

Multi-color poster printed on white paper contains an excerpt of a speech attributed to Chief Seattle titled "This Earth Is Precious" framed by a forest landscape. A man in North American Indian...

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