Laurel Burch

Share the Love

Poster printed on white paper. At the center is a stylized image of multicolor children standing around a heart. Colorful borders surround the image, with "Feel The Magic" and "Share The Love" in...

The Art of Human Being

Poster has two lines of multicolor, featureless figures holding hands or linking arms. At the top right is "The / Art / Of / Human" and at the bottom left is "Being". Across the bottom is "The Art...

Celebrating The Oakland SPCA's 120th Anniversary

Poster has a semi-circular white background with a female figure standing at the center surrounded by dogs to the right, cats to the left, and birds and a butterfly above. The semi-circle rests on...

The Art of Human Being

Poster has two rows of five abstract figures. Ten total. They are colorful and filled with shapes. The words "The Art of Human" are written in the upper right. The word "Being" is written in the...

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