c. 1920-1925

Rectangular planished copper double inkwell with a trough separating a covered pyramidal well at each end.

c. 1920-1925

Planished copper blotter with sculptural leaf handle on top.

c. 1920-1925

Planished copper letter opener with rounded end that tapers to a dull point.

c. 1920-1925

This is a planished copper letter holder with two slots for organizing documents.

c. 1910

Base: upright truncated conical shape w/trumpet bell flared base; 4 riveted extended "s" shaped supporting arms for shade; collar for bulb socket. Planished, patinated, and soldered copper....

c. 1909-1910

This is a planished copper four-sided vase that curves inward at the middle and curves outward near the top before tapering sharply to the rectangular opening.


Pair of Dirk Van Erp copper bookends with hammered surface. The bookends are rectangular with rounded corners and taper slightly on the horizontal metal face. Each bookend has a pierced design...



20th century

This is a mechanical metal sculpture that resembles an abstract clam that is fitted with a wheel on the bottom for movement. The form also features two small metal balls on rods as "eyes" and a...


Three tiered, pleated top, peach, green and golden electroformed copper foil, enameled.


Low bowl of hammered silver on copper bears stamp of Dirk Van Erp shop (windmill) but probably made by William Van Erp, son of Dirk.

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